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I am a complete sucker for anything lovely which cleverly combines old and new, so fell hook, line and sinker for the adorable ceramics created by Nina Van de Goor.

Ninainvorm is the beautiful etsy shop stocked with vintage ceramics which have been adorned with beautiful screenprinted images designed by Nina.

In Nina’s own words:  “Ninainvorm is all about color, ceramics and creative (re-)design. I work with both vintage and new materials, always looking for the perfect match… Ceramics are my first love, but you’ll also find many examples of my love for (screen-)printing and collage.”

Are you with me?  Would you love to own one of these beautiful creations too?

And now sadly it’s time to bid you adieu.  I have really enjoyed guest posting on modflowers.  It was a pleasure and I hope I haven’t bored you all to tears.  If you enjoyed my posts, you might enjoy reading my ramblings over at the linen cloud.

Lovely Ada of Vintage Sheet Addict will be entertaining you from tomorrow – I am a fan of Ada and her lovely blog and I can’t wait to see what fun she has planned for us.

Wishing you all a really Happy New Year, Bee x

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  1. I love these pieces so much!! I have come across her Etsy shop before…so many pretty things – I love the combination of vintage shapes with quirky modern embellishment. :)

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