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modflowers: tweetie pile!I spent most of yesterday’s bank holiday monday on my own, as lad and his dad had gone to a footie match.

But I didn’t mind.

It gave me a chance to primp and photograph my stock of tweeties, ready for the Vintage Playground showcase, coming up on 1st September.

I’m not totally sure I’m happy with the results, but I always feel like that when I photograph things.

I kind of know how I want stuff to look, but actually turning the vision into reality is another matter.modflowers: tweetie cabinetI’m always one to suck up any photography tips. Mollie Makes shared some good basics recently.

And Etsy was generous enough to give guidance on smartphone photography, which is handy if you’re as glued to your phone as I usually am.

But my favourite tips were the ones I stumbled upon from Apartment Therapy, which tell you how to make a mini photo studio on the cheap. Those last three words being crucial, of course.

My own best tip is to get au fait with using a free photo editor, like PicMonkey or iPiccy. They really help with tweaking the shoddy results I come up with anyway.

So this was my final submission to Vintage Playground…

modflowers: Vintage Playground tweetie collageLike I say, I’m not totally happy with it. It’s a bit blurry. A bit at the mercy of the slightly unsatisfactory light level in the living room.

And I wish I had room to name and number all the tweeties, rather than just four of them. (Though the notes accompanying the photo will give the rest of the details).

It seems I’m not the only maker to struggle with getting their photos to do their creations justice.

But at least I’m happy with how my tweeties look in real life. ♥

21 thoughts on “picture imperfect

  1. They look gorgeous. I know my photo collage for Vintage Playground could be loads better, but I just don’t have time right now to worry about it, and I think (hope!) the piece that I’ve made is strong enough to sell despite the less than perfect photo. But issues of photography and styling are definitely the reason I haven’t got my Etsy shop open yet…an ongoing project. I’ll be checking out those tips! xx

    • I’m sure that cushion you’ve made will be snapped up in no time Rachel!
      Photography (and photo editing) does take ages. But I do like doing it and enjoy the challenge of learning and improving all the time!

  2. Love the Tweeties! Freda I think has got to be my favourite :) I agree it is really difficult to get good photos, I’ve been practicing and practicing what seems like forever and still learning!

    • Thanks Lucie! I’m a bit of a perfectionist I think. But it’s only by striving to get better at something that you learn, so I’m hoping that’s a good thing!

  3. Ditto all the above…your photos always work well. Love that Cilla fabric….if you have anymore could my tweetie possibly…..? Good luck for the weekend. Tweeties will fly off the stall I am sure!

    • I was going to ask if there were any of the tweeties that took your fancy!
      I do have more of the Cilla fabric, so if you wanted a sister to Cilla I’m sure it could be arranged :)
      I’m actually planning on making a few more from some other fabrics, but will post them up when they’re done.

  4. I’m right there with you on light levels! But I always find your pictures to be bright and lovely, so maybe I should be reading some of these tips.

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    • Ooooh, thank you! I will be having a lovely browse through your shop when I get the chance!
      I find the thing about blogging is to find a regular time when you can just take an hour to get something down. I often blog in front of the telly in the evening, or during term-time, just after taking lad to school. But I do have periods when I just run out of inspiration and struggle to think of anything to blog about!

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