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modflowers: Nani Iro - Waltz SonataAs you may have gathered, I am something of a fabric addict.

Mostly I confine myself to rummaging, both in person and online, for fabrics of a vintage nature. But I also like to keep half an eye on new fabrics too.

Because just as I buy vintage furniture but don’t want to live in a museum, I can also specialise in vintage fabric yet appreciate a bit of quality contemporary fabric design.

Such as these beauties by Nani Iro.

 modflowers: Nani Iro - Fuwari Fuwari Garden Light

Nani Iro is a Japanese label, designed by Naomi Ito. More than just a nice bit of material, these recent designs are art on fabric.

Many are printed on 100% cotton double gauze:  two layers of open woven (mesh-like) textile, attached to each other using small, almost invisible stabbing. Double gauze fabrics are a Japanese speciality.

Some designs also appear on cotton, linen and hemp fabrics.

modflowers: Nani Iro - Waltz CzernyI haven’t seen these fabrics in the flesh, but the texture sounds intriguing. And the prints are just fabulous.

I would love to have a constantly-changing selection of these displayed on a plain white wall. They are so beautiful.

modflowers:  Nani Iro - Fuccra Rakuen Mauritiusmodflowers: Nani Iro - Waltz Hannonmodflowers: Nani Iro - & Marche modflowers: nani iro fabricsNani Iro - Japanese Fuccra Rainwatermodflowers: Nani Iro - Japanese Fuccra RainwaterYou can find Nani Iro’s fabrics (along with other treats including Dutch wool felt in wonderful colours and beautiful embroidery threads) at divine online emporium The Haberdashery.

And also on my wish list. ♥

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  1. I love these fabrics too, especially the 4th one down. Almost bought some to make a shirt before I realized I’m way too lazy for that. I have a few double gauze fabrics…love the feel.

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