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modflowers: Daisy Chain fabric, designed by Pat AlbeckI may have mentioned, just once or twice, that one of my favourite vintage fabrics is Daisychain, designed by Pat Albeck for John Lewis in the 1960s.

It was John Lewis’s best selling fabric design for over fifteen years. In fact, Judy Faraday, John Lewis’s fabric Archivist, says that the number of metres of Daisychain produced could have stretched from Cookham (where the archive is located) to Moscow.  

I had a conversation on Facebook the other day with Dawn, another Daisychain fan. We speculated on how many different colours of Daisychain had been produced.

As well as the blue at the top I also have this green one, from which you may remember I made a skirt:

modflowers: Daisy Chain green fabricBut Dawn trumped me with her collection of colours!

modflowers: a selection of colour variations of Pat Albeck's Daisy Chain fabric designAnyway, I was in John Lewis at the weekend and whilst in there, I picked up one of their Home catalogues. (Well, it’s cheaper than a magazine!)

It was a lovely surprise to turn the page and spot the news that my favourite design is being reissued as part of John Lewis’s 150th anniversary celebrations!

daisy chain new Pat Albeckdaisy chain new article daisy chain newThe reissue is actually an updated version of the design, just called Daisy. The scale of the pattern has been blown up to double the size of the original, and more white introduced.

The new version can be found on a range of products, including bags, tin mugs, purses and umbrellas. The catalogue also mentions upholstery fabric and curtains, though I can find no trace of those as yet.

modflowers: new daisychain collagedaisy chain new productsThe redesign has been developed in association with Pat Albeck herself, who says “The fresh interpretations are quite delightful!”

I have to say that I do agree.

Although… I don’t think the new interpretation quite tops the original.

After all, as far as I can tell, it only comes in two colours. ♥


12 thoughts on “a classic – updated

  1. That’s lovely. The blue original is so fresh. I want the flask and tin mug, oh and why not the bag while we’re about it!

    • Ooh, thank you Sarah! I actually responded to you this morning, but my reply doesn’t seem to have posted. (Yet another annoying technical hitch.) I wonder whether Pat herself can settle the argument as to how many colours of Daisychain were produced? It would be amazing to find out once and for all!

  2. I love those Daisychain prints too but sadly I have none in fact I’ve never actually even seen one in the flesh so to speak… that blue one is fabulous! I’ve got a voucher for john lewis I might just pop over, I’d rather like the magazine too. Cx

    • The Home catalogue is free – well worth picking up, as there is lots of interiors inspiration (or house porn, as I call it!) in it to ogle!

      I’m not sure all the Daisy stuff is actually in store yet… I didn’t see any at the weekend, although the catalogue does say it’s out in March so it should have launched by now. Perhaps the full range is only in larger stores? I couldn’t find the fabric online at all, but will check our local store again when I’m next in town.

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