in print!

mollie makes cushionI haven’t seen it yet…

It’s fair to say I am more than a little excited….

I’m in Mollie Makes new issue, out now-ish!

modflowers: Mollie-Makes issue39See there on the cover, under the Make It section – where it says “70’s-inspired cat cushion”?

Well, that’s me, that is! I’ve done a tutorial.

I took all the photos for it myself. It seems like quite a while ago now. But I loved doing it – and would love to do more!

It’s my first time properly in print!

I think the official publication date for the new issue (number 39) isn’t for a few days yet, although subscribers have their copies already.

If you read it, or even have a go at the tutorial, could you please let me know what you think?

Is it ok? Did you find it easy to follow? Would you like similar here on my blog, in future?

I can’t sit still at the moment. I am twitchy with excitement.

Might have to swing by the newsagent later and see if it’s in yet… ♥

10 thoughts on “in print!

      • Still haven’t seen it yet Bee! None of the shops I’ve been in have had it yet – hopefully tomorrow!

  1. Oh wow Congratulations! that is soooo cool!
    Here on the flip side of the world we get mollie makes a wee bit behind all of you but I will be on the look out for when it hits the stands!

  2. Super exciting! I’ll have to give it a go :) I took some photos of the feature and emailed them to you so you could see what it looked like – did it reach you? Email me if you want me to resend xxxx

    • Thanks Zoë! I’ve just had a look at the photos (been out of wifi connection for a couple of days) and it looks good to me! Looking forward to seeing the actual magazine!

  3. Congratulations! Such a great magazine too. I have to wait till I’m back in the UK to pick it up though, it’s so expensive in Barnes and Noble (US) – but it will get here!

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