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modflowers: flower embroideryIt’s official: I am in love with embroidery again.

I used to be in love with embroidery years ago. I even still have some of the embroidery books I bought back then…

But as with all the other forms of sewing I used to practice in my youth (English patchwork, dressmaking, cross stitch) I grew up, started going out in the evenings, and stopped doing them.

modflowers: embroidery by Yumiko HiguchiActually, I don’t think I ever stopped loving embroidery.

I carried on buying bits and bobs like tray cloths and vintage tablecloths when they appeared in charity shops. I just stopped making time to actually do it.

But recently, since I more or less stopped having a social life and decided not to drink wine in the evenings at home quite so often, I have found that I can now start to fiddle with stuff whilst I veg on the sofa.

Embroidery may just become my new fiddle.

modflowers: floral embroideryIt was having to embroider faces on my most recent creations that got me re-started.

modflowers: cat cushionThough obviously, a mouse whisker here and a cat smile there does not compare with the wondrousness of these floral fancies…

modflowers: floral embroideryEnchanting, aren’t they?

So anyway, I’ve begun a new pinterest board, to collect inspiration. So that the momentum for embroidery fiddling doesn’t just slip away again.

I’ve called it stitchery witchery. There are some lovely things on my pinterest board, though I do say so myself.

All of these pictures are on it and I will be collecting more as I go along.

If you click through to pinterest itself you can find the sources of these images.

So much inspiration out there!

modflowers: embroidery inspirationFollow along with my discoveries, if you wish.

No fiddling required. ♥

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8 thoughts on “stitchery witchery

    • My only problem with it is that my eyesight is starting to deteriorate and I prefer to do hand sewing in daylight. I think I need a little bright lamp to sit beside me of an evening, so that I can see to thread my needle!

  1. Just pinned one of them onto my Pinterest embroidery board, thank you! My eyesight has already gone, and I work through a large magnifier lamp with LED bulbs all round it. It doubles as a very useful photo flood too!

  2. Ooh these are stunning! I do a lot of cross stitch but I have never ventured into other embroidery stitches, these lovely projects are very inspiring though…I may have to start!

    • Same here… I used to embroider in the evenings, but fading light and fading eyesight make that a less attractive prospect these days!

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