embroidery by numbers

nancy nicholson 2Anyone remember paint by numbers kits?

I used to love them.

I was reminded of them when I came across these embroidery kits by Nancy Nicholson.

nancy nicholson 1 nancy nicholson 3The kits are sort of a stitchy version of paint by numbers, including fabric printed with the patterns and all materials required to produce lovely embroideries.

I think they’d be great for beginners, or for a keen and crafty older child to tackle. As easy as one, two, three.

But with rather nicer results. ♥



8 thoughts on “embroidery by numbers

  1. Much nicer results, and ones I wouldn’t feel slightly awkward about hanging proudly on my wall afterwards, unlike some of the paint-by-numbers jobs….

    • It’s funny, I used to hate the results of paint by numbers, although I enjoyed doing them. But when I see the completed ones now I love them!

    • You’re welcome – I meant to email you but it slipped off my to do list! (I did tag you on twitter though).

    • Hi Susan, there is a link to Nancy’s site where her name is highlighted in the blog post. You can buy her kits there.

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