dogs on the brain

modflowers: textile menagerie by Bryony Rose JenningsAs I may have mentioned before, lad and I have been hankering for a dog.

But, things being as they are, with an as-yet-unbooked holiday in the offing and a possible house move on the more distant horizon, it’s not as simple as just going out and getting one.

So we coo over cute dog videos like this one, and whilst out and about we dog-spot, nudging one another and sneakily swapping ratings for cuteness and future pet potential.

Having dogs on the brain, what should I then spot but Bryony Rose Jennings’s fantastical, amazing, gorgeous, wonderful textile menagerie, much of which is distinctly doggy.

modflowers: textile menagerie by Bryony Rose JenningsI assume that these sculptural textile pieces must be based upon real dogs, as they have such incredible personality.

And her use of all those marvellous fabrics, all stitchily patched together, just makes them utterly irresistible.

Just like the real thing.

modflowers: Kipper - textile menagerie by Bryony Rose JenningsYesterday I found a possible temporary solution, at least, to the dog-yearning that is consuming our household.

I signed us up to Borrow My Doggy, an organisation that matches dog owners needing a helping hand (walking, dog sitting, etc.) with people locally who want to, well, borrow a dog.

Like us.

We picked our favourite doggy candidates nearby and are waiting to hear back.

Fingers crossed.

modflowers: Blue - textile menagerie by Bryony Rose JenningsAs for Bryony Rose, you can see more of her brilliant creations on her website.

They’re not all dogs.

But for some reason, it’s mainly those I have eyes for at the moment. ♥


6 thoughts on “dogs on the brain

  1. Sharon I know Bryony Rose, her and her lovely mum used to have a fab little home – made shop near me in chichester they are both so talented!

    It’s so funny I was looking on that site yesterday… another really good idea is the Cinnamon Trust… they put local volunteers together with people who have dogs but either are in hospital or through old age or illness are unable to walk their dogs…

    I used to dog foster and pretrain them to be helper dogs and hope to be able to again if only we can sort my blooming spine out! Cass x

    • You’re right, Bryony Rose is so talented! My partner used to foster rescued dogs years ago. I think some of them were a bit damaged, from the tales he has told us about their conduct!

    • Will get round to sorting you out some scraps soon Sue – have been busy gadding about with lad as it is the start of the school holidays.

  2. We have a little dog desire too, but it’s not in the cards yet. I love the borrow a dog scheme! That sounds perfect. In the meantime these dog works of art are really rocking my world. I wonder how big they are. They really show true dog personality.

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