modflowers: Julie dollAt the risk of becoming a bore, I can’t seem to stop making dolls.

But there are just so many things to like about it!

In particular, the way that each one’s personality and “look” seems to develop gradually as I go along, without any particular intention in mind.

It’s like watching a physical representation of the phrase “many a mickle makes a muckle” or “more than the sum of it’s parts”.

modflowers: julie dollEach little decision-ette has a bearing on the choice that comes after it, subtly influencing the direction of travel until the finished doll emerges.

I never know where the journey will take me.

And I think that, more than anything, is what makes them so addictive.

modflowers: Julie dollI started this particular doll with the idea of utilising (I love that word! The dictionary says  “to put to use; turn to profitable account”) one of my collection of embroidered traycloths.

I have a sort of nagging guilt about these lovely handmade items languishing in a pile in the corner, rather than being utilised, as they were made to be.

vintage linensSomebody put a lot of work into them, perhaps for their bottom drawer, with the intention of prettifying their newly-married teatimes.

This is, of course, totally inappropriate in our household, where terminally-unmarried me would no doubt spill something on them and immediately ruin them.

But still… they really should be utilised. So I decided to try one out for doll-making material…

modflowers: julie dollI wasn’t intending those embroidered flowers to sit quite where they ended up… No wonder she’s blushing…!

So then I had to make her something to preserve her modesty.

modflowers: Julie doll - with modesty-preserving shawlWhich is much better, I think.

And when she was finished (and properly attired) she sort of reminded me of someone…

Julie ArkellI love Julie Arkell‘s style, having admired her outfits on Pinterest long before I knew who she was or what she did.

So, unlike my previous make, for whom I had no inspiration on the naming front (until I asked on Facebook that is, and got plenty!) this doll has a ready-made name: Julie, in Ms Arkell’s honour.

(I do hope she wouldn’t be offended by my previous slight – ahem – boob.)

I haven’t given up on the traycloth-utilisation.

But next time, I’ll perhaps pay a little more attention to my pattern placement. ♥


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    • I haven’t made scanties for the smaller dolls (this one is 11″ tall, whereas the bigger ones are 18″) as the scale is just too tiny and they don’t really fit under their clothing!

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