crewel world

modflowers: vintage crewel embroideryWhat is it about vintage embroideries that make them so appealing?

Is it the bright colours, the exuberant, usually floral, designs?

modflowers: vintage crewel embroideryWell, yes. It is.

They just make my heart sing.

modflowers: vintage crewel embroideryI know the amount of work involved in them. I’ve done embroidery.

And that impresses me too.

modflowers: vintage crewel embroideryAlthough I also know that at the time a lot of these were worked, there wasn’t really much on telly of an evening, usually.

modflowers: vintage crewel embroideryNevertheless, the creation of something beautiful as recreational activity is something to be admired.

modflowers: vintage crewel embroideryFor me, it’s no wonder that so many of them have survived for so long.

modflowers: vintage crewel embroideryAll of the embroideries above were found on Etsy. Click on the pictures to visit the source. ♥


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    • I fear the decline of my own eyesight too… I am putting off getting spectacles as I become more long-sighted, as apparently your sight declines more rapidly once you become reliant on them.

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