tiny worlds

tiny world by mimi kirchnerI can’t remember how I first stumbled across this picture.

It was probably on Pinterest, where I am spending a fair bit of time again, now that I have worked out how not to have to look at a load of “picked for you” pins that I didn’t choose to see.

Anyway, I just love the idea of tiny worlds. I have always been miniature mad, ever since I was miniature myself.

And having discovered this tiny world pincushion, I then discovered more about it’s creator.

Who is miniature mad too…

modflowers: baby by Mimi KirchnerAs well as tiny world pincushions, Boston-based artist Mimi Kirchner makes tiny babies from felt.

And handsome pugs…modflowers: pug by mimi kirchnerAnd lovely foxes:

modflowers: fox by mimi kirchnerAnd then I discovered that Mimi makes the most amazing dolls…

modflowers: pirate doll by mimi kirchnerNever mind my attempt at doll tattoos, Mimi’s dolls (both male and female) have proper tattoos! modflowers: doll by mimi kirchnerI’m quite glad I didn’t discover her work earlier.

Because if I had, I would find it very difficult not to be drawn into Mimi’s tiny worlds.

As it is, I’m glad to be discovering tiny worlds of my own. ♥dots


3 thoughts on “tiny worlds

  1. My daughter wandered past the computer when I was reading your post about your latest doll that you tattooed…she saw the doll and said “I don’t like cloth dolls, but I love this one..Her dolls are awesome”! I agree, they have a spark of life about them.

    Awesome work!

    • Wow, thank you Jane! You have totally made my day! Just out of interest, how old is your daughter? It’s nice to know who they appeal to!

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