all in the detail

modflowers: Rhonda's hexie quiltI do love a bit of creative upcycling.

There is nothing dearer to my heart than someone who, using their creativity and talent, manages to turn the old and discarded into something new and beautiful.

And quite frankly, you can’t get any more beautiful upcycling than this amazing hexie quilt project by Rhonda Dort.

modflowers: hexie quilt by Rhonda DortEach three-and-a-half inch hexagon is cut from vintage linens that are torn, stained or near worn out.

Rhonda’s intention was “to give these old sad pieces a new life.”

But she has done so much more than that.

Each individual piece has been beautifully embellished, using a selection of lace, beads and trims.

modflowers: hexie quilt block by Rhonda DortThe level of detail and precision is stunning…

hex quilt by Rhonda Dort in progress It’s not finished yet. The quilt is still a work in progress.

Each one of the 46 hexies will have batting added behind.

Then, using the wrap around backing method which will result in a 1/4″ white border around the front of each block, they will be hand sewn together using the English paper piecing method.

modflowers: hexie quilt block finishedThere are lots more pictures of the quilt blocks on Rhonda’s Pinterest board.

I will be following her progress intently.

Because the finished quilt is going to be just spectacular. ♥



11 thoughts on “all in the detail

  1. Thank you to everyone for your kind and gracious comments, you’ve all made me smile! I am sewing the backing/borders on the final 4 hexies and then I will begin sewing all together. I’m apprehensive yet excited for this next big step!

    • Can’t wait to see the finished quilt Rhonda! It really will be amazing! Will you be exhibiting it?

      • My goal is to have it completely finished so as to hang in my quilt guild show coming mid July. Beyond than who knows…

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