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modflowers: embroidered Peruvian belts

I used to spend most of my waking hours in jeans.

Until school uniform and then office-wear kicked in, I was definitely a jeans-wearer.

I remember my first pair, which I immediately stuck under the sewing machine to take in the legs.

When I’d finished they were so tight that I had to lie on the floor, wriggling like a maggot, to get them on.

modflowers: Peruvian embroidered beltI don’t wear jeans much these days. I find that as the years have rolled by, I have become more comfortable in a frock.

But if I did, I would hold them up with one of these belts.

Embroidered in Peru, they are available, appropriately enough, from Etsy shop Embroidery Peru.

modflowers: Peruvian embroidered belts

They currently have a special offer discount of 10% off if you buy two belts.

It’s almost tempting enough to go dig out a pair of jeans….♥


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