sheffield sybarites

modflowers: Sheffield spoils - vintage fabricsSometimes it’s good to indulge.

To give yourself over to pleasure, allow yourself to partake without guilt and to feel nothing but joy at doing so.

That sums up my Saturday in Sheffield.

Yes, I know that probably sounds a little odd, because if you try to think of a place symbolising pure pleasure, Sheffield probably isn’t the first one that springs to mind.

But you’re clearly just not as au fait with what Sheffield has to offer as you should be. Because my Saturday meet-up there with Jen of Little Birdie blog was about as full of pleasure as any day I could wish for.

modflowers: Forge Bakehouse, SheffieldJen and I hadn’t met in person before. And neither of us know Sheffield that well. But it’s appeal lay in the fact that it lies about halfway between me in Nottingham and Jen in Leeds, and that it boasts a developing antiques quarter, crammed with enticing places to shop and eat.

First of all there was the matter of breakfast. Jen was keen to try Marmadukes Cafe Deli, which turned out to be spectacularly nice, both in terms of decor and food…

modflowers: Marmadukes Cafe Deli, Sheffieldmodflowers: breakfast at Marmadukes, SheffieldI know my granola looks healthy. But that really was honestly what I fancied most in the world – and it was absolutely delicious.

Suitably fortified, we headed for Abbeydale Road, home to the Sheffield Antiques Quarter’s attractions, aided by the helpful maps app on my phone.

I love a good rummage in a vintage shop or two, so being spoilt for choice I was in my absolute element.

Particularly when we got to Honeysuckle at Home. I even had the honour of having owner Jude go and rummage up some extra items out of her car, just for me!

Here’s some of what I brought home with me…

modflowers: vintage fabric from Honeysuckle at Home, Sheffieldmodflowers: vintage curtains from Honeysuckle at Home, Sheffieldmodflowers: vintage curtains from Honeysuckle at Home, Sheffieldmodflowers: vintage linens from Honeysuckle at Home, Sheffieldmodflowers: vintage linens from Honeysuckle at Home, Sheffieldmodflowers: vintage linens from Honeysuckle at Home, SheffieldTo be honest, I could happily have spent all day in there.

But I think I was pushing it as it was, as I realised that Jen had done her browsing and was patiently waiting for me to be ready to move on.

So we did.  To my second-favourite place of the day – florist Swallows and Damsons.

modflowers: Swallows and Damsons, SheffieldI know that flowers are a difficult thing to mess up in terms of making your shop look nice, but really, Swallows and Damsons is floristry styled to die for…

modflowers: Swallows and Damsons, SheffieldThe smell was divine too!

So divine was it that Jen left with a pot and an armful of eucalyptus, despite the impracticality of lugging pots and plants around, whilst I succumbed to a couple of those trendiest of plants, succulents…

modflowers: succulentsThey sit just perfectly in the pair of vintage eggcups I got at Honeysuckle At Home.

I could, I suppose, list all the other things we bought, and ate (Forge Bakehouse, where we had lunch, richly deserves a mention, despite it’s predilection for calling quiches “pies”) and all of the places we went to, and the conversations we had, but that might leave you a bit bored.

It’s one thing to experience pure pleasure, but it’s quite another to hear, at length, about someone else’s.

modflowers: treasures at Vintedge, SheffieldSuffice to say that you can read about Jen’s favourite bits of the day over on Little Birdie.

And that I’m hoping to be heading back to Sheffield soon.

And if you should fancy a sybaritic Saturday of your own, you know what to do…

You really should sally forth to Sheffield. ♥


10 thoughts on “sheffield sybarites

  1. Oh you did take a picture of the botanical prints on the wall in Swallows and Damsons! And it’s a beauty! Such a good day, but I could hardly move by the time I got home. Damn those sandals……. I think I need orthopedic shoes! x

    • Haha! Birkenstocks are my orthopaedic shoes – my feet held up remarkably well, considering how far we walked!

    • Your granola was the nicest breakfast I’ve had in ages! Can’t wait to visit again so that I can indulge in lunch – loved the look of your salads x

  2. I’ve only been to Sheffield a couple of times, but I loved it. But that was many, many years ago, and I bet it’s even better now. Sounds like you had an enviable day…

    • It was really lovely. I think I want to move to Sheffield – it puts Nottingham to shame! There are a few nice places in my home town, and some really great people, but Sheffield’s idea of encouraging an “antiques quarter” in an otherwise quite run-down area just outside the city centre is absolute genius.
      Nottingham City Council really should look around and instead of focusing on demolishing and ruining beautiful old architecture and plonking great big developments down everywhere it should think about encouraging independent makers and do-ers to regenerate the city instead!

  3. If you ever need someone to just carry stuff; I’d be more than happy to sit on a plane for many hours and just follow you around – that looks like an awesome time. I think I gained 5 pounds just looking at the baked goods! Cheers.

    • Haha! Yes, the bakery was full of temptation! Luckily I was already full of lunch as I ogled the baked goods and managed to restrict myself to buying just an almond croissant to bring home for lad.

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed reading all about your adventures on Saturday, thanks for the mention. Have been reading through the rest of your blog in between doing jobs today and am hooked!

    • Ooh goody! Glad you like it! I am hooked on your shop. Probably a good job it’s not in Nottingham, or I would have to avoid it to preserve my bank balance!

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