new girls

vintage Liberty fabric dolls by modflowersThe new girls, that is.

These four are the first of a new batch of vintage Liberty fabric dolls, made using some of the wonderful stash I was sent by Sarah Campbell the other day…

modflowers: vintage liberty fabric parcelMy vintage button and trim stashes have been out for perusal too, as you can probably see.

Sometimes a bit of trim makes all the difference, doesn’t it?

vintage Liberty fabric dolls by modflowersThis little lady is, I think, my favourite of the four. She is prepared for all eventualities, being supplied with a clean lace hankie in her pocket.

I have wardrobe envy. I have been searching for some form of pinafore dress (not too short, nor too flouncy or fancy) for myself for ages, without success.

And floral tights. Where are all the floral tights this year? Have they emigrated for the winter?

My friend thinks she should go into business making them to fit grown-ups, because you can’t buy nice winter tights for love nor money unless you’re under five years old – we’ve both tried.

Anyway, I might not be able to wear a pinafore dress and floral tights, but my doll can. (Lucky girl.)

My second favourite of the Liberty girls quartet is boho girl below…

vintage Liberty fabric dolls by modflowersSwathed in flowers, she may just be a little bit louche, I think, and given to reclining on a day bed displaying her tinkling laugh and sipping champagne.

Currently she is dressed for a luncheon engagement, but I have a feeling she may spend quite a bit of her time clad only in her peignoir.

Whereas this girl is clearly just a tomboy in a party frock…

vintage Liberty fabric dolls by modflowersTomorrow I’m going to make a start on dressing a couple of bunny boys.

I’m thinking breeches, waistcoats.

And just possibly, a cravat. ♥


P.S. You can now order custom dolls from my Etsy shop here.

14 thoughts on “new girls

  1. I’m a little bit obsessed with these😻😻😻- any chance I could comission you to make a set for my crazy cat lady daughter who turns 8 this July??

    • Hi Christy, these particular dolls can be commissioned from Sarah Campbell. Sarah can be contacted via her website:
      I would be happy to make them, however I would point out that these dolls are not created as toys but as collector’s items and therefore are not CE tested. This means that they are not considered suitable for children aged under 14.

  2. Love these kitty girls! I’ve been making some very simple dolls, but have found turning small tubes (legs/arms) far from easy. Could you give me any hints?

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