…and breathe!

modflowers: new dolls using fabrics designed by Sarah Campbell for Michael MillerSo I did it!

I got the two current batches of dolls that I had on the go completed yesterday.

Now that might not sound like much to you, but I’m pleased as punch.

You see I’m always a tiny bit worried that the old “making mojo” might desert me mid-make – especially when working on a lot of things at the same time.

There are actually some more dolls still to come… I’ll be starting those shortly.

I got a bit daunted part-way through the cutting-out process and decided not to do them all at once, as one huge, single batch.

modflowers: painting doll facesI fancy it was the thought of coming up with lots of similar-but-different variations on a theme – I was wondering whether I might actually run out of variations?

But with several piles of the most beautiful fabrics designed by Sarah Campbell to inspire me, both new and vintage, I’m happy to say that it shows absolutely no sign of happening yet.

modflowers: new vintage Liberty fabric dollsIn fact, my making mojo is feeling particularly perky.

So much so that when I had finished the dolls, I decided to sew something else.

Just for a change.

I’d realised I was out of cord for making calico bags (to package the dolls, and needing to be sent off with them) and it was too late to go and buy more.

So instead of immediately cracking on with those as I originally intended, I made a new thing.

I’ll show you what I made tomorrow. ♥


10 thoughts on “…and breathe!

  1. I absolutely love Mr Daffodil with his yellow shorts, perky bow tie and lime green hair, but I’m really suffering from outfit envy of the more gypsyish bunch in the vintage fabrics, especially the little miss in the middle with her fabulous skirt and shawl.

    • Haha! Doll-making is just another form of wardrobe wish-fullfilment for me! I think seeing the Liberty in Fashion exhibition inspired me with that one’s outfit – there are some superbly boho costumes on show there!

    • Hehe! They will be available to buy from Sarah Campbell’s website shortly Wend! And I’ll have a few different (but hopefully just as popular) dolls on my stall at Sherwood Craft Fair on November 14th, and at the Etsy Made Local Christmas Fair on December 5th – should the temptation prove too much (or Santa has them on your Christmas list)

    • Yes! I have! Alas, the Liberty fabrics I have been working with are only available in very small quantities – too tiny for a grown-up outfit.

  2. Oh awesome, I can’t wait to see your new thing…’cause I love your old things so much! Those dolls are wonderful..love the vests for the boys! You are unstoppable!

  3. These are just so darling!! I love the details you add and the fabrics are so sweet!! Are you going to be adding these to your shop?

  4. These are a lovely batch … particular outfit envy is aimed at the beauty in the turquoise boots!
    I am quite in awe of how you manage to keep finding the inspiration and drive to make each one as unique and special as the last :)
    Excited to see the new thing!
    Abel x

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