breeches, belts, boots & bloomers

modflowers: liberty dollsI do like completing a batch of something.

Some bits of a batch can be boring. Like stuffing.

But making Liberty fabric dolls is never dull for long, because bit by bit and detail by detail, each one becomes an individual.

modflowers: liberty dolls It reminds me of that Michelangelo quote – “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free”. Not, I hasten to add, because I think I am comparable to Michelangelo.

It’s just because I’m not really conscious of making decisions about how a doll will look whilst I’m actually making it, other than selecting the fabrics. The finished doll just sort of evolves.

Of this new gang I particularly like the red checked boy, on account, mainly, of his breeches.

It is a bold personality who can look totally at ease in floral trousers, but he manages it with aplomb.

I added a bit of embroidery, as I thought he was probably not the type to wear something as ordinary as a plain brown belt.

modflowers: liberty doll with embroidered beltI also had fun styling different types of boots.

Mostly they are wearing lace-ups of assorted varieties. Though not for red-check-boy, who sports a more piratical style…

modflowers: liberty dolls bootsBut my favourite thing of all are the bloomers.

I quite fancy a pair myself, truth be told. In flannel. I’m sure they’d be nice and cosy during the winter.

modflowers: liberty dolls with bloomersGive me bloomers over briefs any day. ♥


6 thoughts on “breeches, belts, boots & bloomers

    • Hi Katherine, I think some of the dolls will go to the museum, and some will be sold via Sarah Campbell’s website and other shops that she supplies.

    • Yes, I would quite like some Liberty fabric bloomers too! They are quite easy to make, but would take a lot of fabric and therefore would be quite ‘spensive in real life.

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