modflowers: Dandy Lion doll I got an email yesterday.

I’ve been turned down by a craft fair organiser I applied to. It made me grumpy, I have to say, to read that “unfortunately your products aren’t quite what I’m looking for.”

It’s not a very helpful statement in terms of feedback, although I do understand the need for vagueness.

However, as usual, it made me over-think – my brain’s attempt to fill in that ambiguous gap in information. Not good enough? Not professional enough? Not serious enough? What?! Why not give me a clue what you are looking for!

modflowers: Dandy Lion dollAnyway, enough grumping.

I am quite happily working on more dolls for Sarah Campbell just now, using her lovely new fabrics for Michael Miller. More on those later. And no grumping associated there whatsoever.

However, a hidden, residual grump arising from that email obviously festered away during the day, eventually emerging in the evening in the form of embroidery. (Yay for my new reading glasses and the return of evening hand stitching!)

Dandy Lion is the result, a somewhat grumpy big cat.

modflowers: Dandy Lion dollHis face is actually the destination at the end of a journey of tweaks.

I wasn’t happy with his eyes, his general design, or his rather bland expression at first.

So I called up my hidden well of resentment – and let him have it.

Craft fair, schmaft fair.

Dandy Lion knows exactly what he thinks about that. ♥


12 thoughts on “grumpy

    • I almost wrote that “Dandy doesn’t give a ****” – but that wouldn’t have been true, because judging from his expression, he clearly does.

  1. Have you considered your work might be too good? I’ve visited several craft fairs where the produce on offer could be categorised under ‘Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should’.

  2. Love him! His expression says it all AND you can fold his arms!!
    Don’t feel too rejected. That decision may open other doors for you instead…

  3. I think there might be a gap in the market for a range of ‘F*** Off!’ dolls, with snarky little faces and sneering lips, and repositionable fingers for the necessary kind of hand signals …Kind of like a voodoo doll, but without the evil intent! I love Dandy the Pissed Off Lion, with his angrily folded arms, and I agree with Liz above – you are far too good for the ‘can but really shouldn’ts’ …

    • Aww Sue, thanks! If ever I need a pick-me-up I know I can rely on you – thank you for your lovely comments!
      And yes, a range of Pissed Off Creatures would probably go down a storm… I can foresee snarling pups, hissing cats, and fed-up rabbits already!

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