handmade dolls deadline day

modflowers: handmade dolls finished!Making dolls is a pleasure.

Normally I meander through the process a bit. It’s just how I tend to work… I sort of multitask consecutively, if that makes any sense.

I sit down and do a bit of sewing, a bit of social media-ing, a spot of housework, have a cup of tea.

modflowers: handmade dolls in Liberty fabric - in progressThen I sort of start the process again, interrupting myself with lunch (maybe browsing a bit of Pinterest at the same time), sewing again, doing the washing, more tea, sewing, making dinner, another cup of tea, finishing off the sewing for the day, then tidying up the kitchen in time for the family to eat.

It’s not necessarily the most efficient way to work perhaps, but it does mean that I get done the things I need to do besides sewing.

modflowers: handmade doll in Liberty print fabricBut sometimes things have to be a bit more focused on the sewing front.

Like when you have a deadline moved forward inadvertently, by a thoughtful partner booking a holiday to coincide with your birthday.

So for the past few days I have been sewing like a demon to get the current batch of Liberty handmade dolls done and dusted before we head off to Cornwall.

modflowers: handmade dolls in progressAnd I’ve done it! Pat on the back from me, to me!

modflowers: handmade dolls - Liberty girls in a line I’m quite pleased with how they turned out. They all have their own personalities, which is just as it should be.

Just one thing that couldn’t be done on a Sunday…

We’ll have to stop and find a post office en route to Cornwall, to send the Liberty girls off on their merry way.

Because there’s no point meeting a deadline if you don’t manage to get the resulting creations off to where they are meant to go, by the time they are meant to be there. ♥



9 thoughts on “handmade dolls deadline day

  1. Ooh, they’re all gorgeous, can’t pick a favourite this time. Sounds like the sewing mojo is back full blast, and a jolly good thing too. Have fun, and Happy Birthday for tomorrow :-)

  2. I’ve just read your last few posts. I am a lot like you with starting, and starting, and starting projects, but not finishing! I don’t know why I do that but you have inspired me to finish some things. And, I’m going to clear the table and set my sewing machine up in the basement and start in on my huge stash of fabric. I used to make bunnies and bears and dolls all the time and sell them in craft fairs. Not sure yet what I’ll do with the finished products. Maybe gifts.
    I have a hard time in the winter months too. I try to go somewhere warm for a week. It helps to see the sunshine.
    Your dolls are adorable, as well as all of your other creatures. I’m sure they will get lovely homes. And so sorry about the dog. Aggression in animals is scary. Maybe you could donate the treats to a shelter.
    I’ll stop now! I really love your work. It’s fun!

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