not house hunting

modflowers: thrifted house & handmade bearYou know how it is…

You avoid the charity shops, telling yourself that you have no need of anything they have to offer.

You pass by with barely a glance at the window displays, reminding yourself that you really should have a clear-out at home.

You make things using materials already in your possession, feeling worthy and smug  – happy that you are saving money and actually utilising your (not inconsiderable) stash.

This continues for quite some time.

And then, one morning, you run out of bin bags and have to go to the shops. And all of a sudden, that urge comes upon you and you just can’t stay away any longer. You pop in  – “just for a look”.

You arrive home the new owner of a little battered wooden house, which cost you the princely sum of one pound.

It’s like you’ve never been away. It is perfect. It was meant to be.

Even if you did forget all about the bin bags. ♥


6 thoughts on “not house hunting

  1. Pah! Bin bags – why buy bin bags if there are so many more beautiful things just waiting for you. I know what it’s like – I’m constantly telling myself to be sensible!

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