pining for pincushions

modflowers: pincushion by Deborah FisherSewing requires equipment. The basics, like scissors, needles and thread and a sewing machine, are essential.

There is also, of course, the ever-present temptation to spend every last penny on fabric.

But then there are all the other bits of kit that, whilst not absolutely essential, are just… nice.

Currently I am pining for pincushions. I seem to keep seeing lovely ones everywhere I look.

They pop up all over the place, in real-life shops, as well as online…

There are lots of pretty pincushions produced by fellow makers (click on the pics to go to the image source / their shops)…

modflowers: pining for pincushions - felt tree stump pincushion by iManuFattimodflowers: pining for pincushions - clock pincushions by Angele Cartermodflowers: pining for pincushion - vintage dog on ball pincushionmodflowers: pining for pincushions - pretzel pincushion by Abby Glassenbergmodflowers: pining for pincushions - hedgehog pincushion by dolly darlingmodflowers: pining for pincushions: pincushions by Miss Bumblesmodflowers: pining for pincushions - tiny world pincushion by Mimi KirchnerI would love to see what other people use for their pincushioning purposes. And also, please point me towards any particularly pretty ones you come across on your travels.

I currently own a couple of pincushions, both of which I made myself. I could just make myself a new one, I suppose. But where would the fun be in that, when there are so many others to ogle?

I am the first to admit that mine are functional, rather than beautiful.

The temptation to trade up is strong.modflowers: pining for pincushionsHowever, as with all non-essential purchases, even relatively small ones, I find it hard to commit. The sheer choice available is part of it, but the joy of potentially making a purchase, rather than actually doing so, is more to blame.

In other words, my past pincushion picks are put to shame by present pincushion preferences.

And pursuing my pincushion pilgrimage is probably more pleasurable than pinpointing the pinnacle of pincushions.

I can’t seem to pin it down.

Or perhaps I just prefer procrastinating. ♥


5 thoughts on “pining for pincushions

  1. Ooh that pincushion in a teacup! I know what you mean though – for a long time I have lusted after a ring or necklace pincushion from…they’re not even particularly expensive; I don’t know why I don’t just buy one (maybe subconsciously afraid I will stab my fingers or chest by accident??) I loved the last bit of your post with all the Ps – it reminded me of John Cooper-Clarke’s “The Pest” (the ps obviously, not the subject matter!)

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