change of mood

modflowers: change of mood - grumpy lion brooches

I am deep in craft fair preparation mode at the moment. This is usual for the time of year. For the past four years I have had a stall at The Secret Garden Craft Fair, part of Sherwood Art Week, … Continue reading

pining for pincushions

modflowers: pincushion by Deborah Fisher

Sewing requires equipment. The basics, like scissors, needles and thread and a sewing machine, are essential. There is also, of course, the ever-present temptation to spend every last penny on fabric. But then there are all the other bits of kit that, whilst … Continue reading

the thrill of the make

modflowers: Liberty dolls

People often talk about the thrill of the chase. But for me, it’s all about the thrill of the make. When it all comes together, making is the best thing in the world. I’ve just completed the latest batch of Liberty dolls, … Continue reading

second childhood

modflowers: toys for a second childhood

Sometimes I think I am entering a second childhood. When my sister and I were children, she was a big fan of soft toys. She always felt sorry for them, languishing on the shelves of shops with no cuddles, and begged to be allowed … Continue reading

not house hunting

modflowers: not house hunting

You know how it is… You avoid the charity shops, telling yourself that you have no need of anything they have to offer. You pass by with barely a glance at the window displays, reminding yourself that you really should have a … Continue reading

handmade dolls deadline day

modflowers: Liberty girls finished!

Making dolls is a pleasure. Normally I meander through the process a bit. It’s just how I tend to work… I sort of multitask consecutively, if that makes any sense. I sit down and do a bit of sewing, a bit … Continue reading