moving house

I ordered a new cable for my phone today. When it arrives, hopefully, as long as it isn’t the camera itself that’s knackered, I’ll be able to post my own photos again. None too soon, I feel, as moving day approaches … Continue reading

pretty thing of the week

I have been admiring vintage embroideries like these for a while on Pinterest. But guess what? These ones aren’t vintage! And you can do them yourself! What a great idea from Betty Crafter – these are actually kits to make your own … Continue reading

flowers, frocks, fishes & faults

Today saw a bit of a disaster on the technology front. Although I love my laptop, it is getting a bit elderly now and has been misbehaving a bit recently. Today, it and my camera seem to have had a falling out. At any … Continue reading

tiger treats

It looks like it is, but it’s not. Vintage, that is. We went to Luton at the weekend, for a family gathering. (My partner’s family, that is). And in Luton, they have a Tiger. So I got some Tiger treats… These … Continue reading

one good turn

When I do a good turn, I don’t do it in anticipation of reward. I was always taught to do as you would be done by. And generally, that’s what I try to do. So the generosity of others knocks … Continue reading

cut to fit

Yet again, it seems that I have managed to buy a frock which doesn’t fit me. It’s something I do seem to be making a bit of a habit of. I have a pile of things to alter already. First … Continue reading