fairs, festivities & famous fairies

modflowers: my fairy in Period Living magazine

It’s that time of year again – craft fair season! The days might be getting shorter, but I’m making the most of them working away like a demon, stitching up lots of little dolls and creatures for my stall. My first … Continue reading

new bohemians & shrinking stockpiles

modflowers: new bohemians

I’ve been making some new bohemians… well, more velvet cats to be precise, as the first lot sold out almost straight away. It’s funny how things go… I spent weeks kidding myself that I had a-g-e-s to make stock for my upcoming … Continue reading

in short supply

modflowers: in short supply

There are many things that take me away from sewing. Despite the fact that I love it, I often find it immensely easy not to do it. Like most people, I have a backlog of “stuff that needs doing” – … Continue reading

bohemian rhapsody

modflowers: Bohemian Rhapsody

I listen to the radio when I’m sewing. I don’t listen to music though. I prefer the gentle burble of voices as an accompaniment to stitching, whether it be a play, factual programme or current affairs. It’s not that I … Continue reading

portrait of the artist as a young mouse

modflowers: a portrait of the artist

It’s funny how inspiration strikes. I mentioned in my last post how last Saturday I’d spent the day at Hope and Elvis, learning to make little shoes with artist Serena Partridge. Well, when I was there I purchased a little something from … Continue reading

shoe fetish

shoe fetish: Serena Partridge workshop - modflowers

Well, it’s been a little while since I pitched up here, hasn’t it? You know how it is… one minute you’re deciding to take a little mini-break from blogging, the next you’re looking at your blog and wondering how on earth … Continue reading