out of the blue

modflowers: out of the blueI got a parcel the other day, out of the blue.

I thought maybe I had ordered something and then forgotten. That has happened before.

Or maybe my partner had ordered something early for my birthday. But then, if he had, it wouldn’t have been addressed to me, would it?

So, a bit quizzically, I worked my way through the layers of tape and cardboard and bubble wrap, until I came to the treasure within.

And oh, what treasure it was…

modflowers: out of the blue

A beautiful blue Bitossi cat.

It turned out to be a thank you present, from Paul and Virender at Lady Bay Vintage.

I really don’t deserve it. The little piece I wrote for a local online magazine about their rather fab vintage fair was not worthy of such reward.

But I will certainly treasure it. It looks fab on the mantelpiece.

modflowers: out of the blueIt’s nice when something unexpected makes your day like that.

Right out of the blue. ♥


pretty thing of the week: art tiles

modflowers: art tilesJust a quickie I’m afraid, as life is filling my days with somewhat frantic sewing at the moment.

I am already at least a week behind where I’d hoped to be when I planned out my time a few weeks ago. I still have orders to fulfil, stuff to finish, stalls to stock.

So blogging is having to take a bit of a back seat, time-wise.

But I came across these lovely tiles online and well, they just have to be shared…

modflowers: art tilesI came across the picture above on (where else?) Pinterest.

It’s exactly the sort of thing I wanted in our downstairs loo, around the tiny little cloakroom sink in the corner. Because it’s such a small area to tile, I thought I could push the boat out and have something nice.

However, the man doing the tiling needed the tiles yesterday (as they always seem to do) and so we ended up with slightly wonky cut down bathroom tiles on the wall instead, because they were there. Sigh.

It left me with an unfulfilled longing for nice wall tiles like these…

modflowers: art tilesIt’s too late for me (I really can’t be doing with the hassle of removing and retiling now.)

But if you are similarly smitten, you can find more details of these lovely Danish art tiles here. ♥


fantastical & magical

modflowers: recent work by Sophie WoodrowI always think that the solstices are the most magical times of year.

Midsummer, with its endless lingering twilight, is the time of the faeries.

Midwinter however, with it’s sparkling frosts, is host to something altogether darker…

modflowers: recent work by Sophie Woodrowmodflowers: recent work by Sophie WoodrowThese fantastical and magical creatures are the work of ceramic artist Sophie Woodrow.

They make me think of the approaching winter solstice.

I can see these creations in my mind, rimed with frost, sparkling in the moonlit darkness…

Think The Wolves of Willoughby Chase or The Midnight Folk.

modflowers: recent work by Sophie WoodrowAlthough I don’t love winter, the beauty of this brittle season is something I can appreciate.

For me, the bewitching strangeness of these works seem to compliment it’s magic perfectly. ♥