liberty in fashion

I’ve never been much of a one for being invited to things. When I was growing up I was always a one-best-friend girl, rather than a part-of-a-gang one. So I didn’t get invited to lots of birthday parties and sleepovers and … Continue reading

liberty lads and lasses

You may remember that I decided not to thrill you all with my holiday snaps. Instead, I sprinkled some vintage fabrics in and around my first back-from-holiday blog post… I also mentioned in passing that I was about to embark upon a … Continue reading

current crush

I got an email from Marimekko yesterday. One of those promotional things that I must, at some point, have signed up to receive, but which normally I just ignore. But this time, I didn’t. Because I fell in love, right … Continue reading

wishful wardrobe

Sometimes you don’t so much find things, as they find you. I remember stumbling across 13threads on Etsy several years ago, when I first began browsing the delights of handmade goodies. I remember ogling the dresses and coats, and thinking how … Continue reading

pretty thing of the week: wild things

I spotted this lovely little frock on Pinterest just the other day. When I investigated further, I found out that it was designed by Wild Things, and that Kirsty Hartley, who is behind the company, is up for a Mollie … Continue reading

blooming barnets

I fell out of love with Pinterest a bit a while back. Yes, I know, shock horror and all that. But all those “picked for you” (like a spot? Or a nose?) posts got on my nerves. I don’t need Pinterest … Continue reading