small comforts

I am quite a political person. Not that you would generally know this from my blog. I normally steer clear of politics here, because my blog’s not about that. Also, I don’t like those online arguments that seem to blow up … Continue reading

a garden of stitches

I’ve been loving the garden recently. Of course, the weather has helped enormously. That and the inspiration of visiting Mapperley Park Open Gardens the other weekend. I have been ogling plants, watching fruit ripening, getting my hands dirty and just generally … Continue reading

pretty thing of the week

Our garden furniture disintegrated over the winter. This means that we are currently unable to indulge in one of my favourite things – lunch outdoors. We could spread out a picnic rug on the grass. That is, if we don’t … Continue reading

lavender blue

It’s funny how, when the weather is hot, it affects your colour sense. The past few days have been scorching. I have spent much of them in the kitchen, the coolest room in the house from around ten am onwards, … Continue reading

prim and proper

Yesterday was the first real day of spring in our garden. That is, the first day warm and sunny enough to tempt me out of the house to actually see what’s happening out there. It was a pleasant surprise. Far … Continue reading