small comforts

modflowers: small comfortsI am quite a political person.

Not that you would generally know this from my blog. I normally steer clear of politics here, because my blog’s not about that.

Also, I don’t like those online arguments that seem to blow up out of nowhere once people start discussing politics online. I may be political, but I am not argumentative. At least, not online I’m not.

So please forgive me for bringing politics into things today. It’s not meant to upset anyone.

Like most of my creative friends, I am reeling at the outcome of the referendum. Absolutely knocked for six. Upset in a way I can’t quite yet deal with, in fact.

It wasn’t planned as a post-referendum distraction, but I was very, very glad that I happened to have booked onto a Sherwood Art Week workshop.

If ever I needed a distraction, it was yesterday morning, post Brexit. I dried my eyes and went to make dolls’ house accessories.

Fiddling with tiny pieces of paper and little dobs of glue was the perfect thing.

Some people made Shakespeare-related items – tiddly-tiny books, quill pens and paperweights. But I, given the choice, made flowers.

Of course I did.

The first thing I made was a little wreath, using tiny paper punches and a pipe cleaner …

modflowers: small comfortsAnd then some paper roses…

modflowers: small comfortsWhich brings to mind the Marie Osmond song of the same name.

The workshop was held at The Post Office Garden, a lovely crowd-funded community venue, just around the corner from me in Nottingham. I donated to the project last year (when it was still semi-derelict) and so was keen to see how it had progressed.

And it is so lovely….

modflowers: small comfortsIt houses a community kitchen, for catering, courses and anyone who wants to rent health inspector-approved premises for food-related activities. There are plants for sale, a workshop / studio space, and, of course, the garden itself…

modflowers: small comfortsAnna and Toby, whose brainchild the place is, were a bit flustered. They were having a big launch event and open day on Saturday, and Anna was stressing over the amount of work still to do in preparation.

So I offered to help.

I wanted to spend more time in that beautiful garden, tucked away just off the main road. I wanted to distract myself from brooding on things. But most of all, I wanted to contribute something positive. To counterbalance the negativity that seemed about to engulf everything.

I spent the afternoon clearing pathways of dandelions and tying back floppity plants.

I went home dirty of hand, scratched of arm, and a little happier of heart.

modflowers: small comfortsTo find distraction in creativity; to give help when it is needed; to spend time in nature – these may be small comforts in the big scheme of things.

But sometimes, small comforts are all we have.

And, for now, they’ll just have to do. ♥


a garden of stitches

modflowers: stitchy garden postcardI’ve been loving the garden recently.

Of course, the weather has helped enormously.

That and the inspiration of visiting Mapperley Park Open Gardens the other weekend.

I have been ogling plants, watching fruit ripening, getting my hands dirty and just generally revelling in being outdoors at midsummer.

Then yesterday, I happened upon a mission from Oh Comely! magazine which set me off on an afternoon’s snipping and stitching (well, it looked like rain)…

The invitation was to send them a postcard on the subject of gardens to celebrate the July issue, which is to be “full of sunshine and the outdoors…”

Well, how could I resist an invitation like that?

modflowers: stitchy garden postcardmodflowers: stitchy garden postcardmodflowers: stitchy garden postcardmodflowers: stitchy garden postcardmodflowers: stitchy garden postcardMy stitchy garden is inspired by midsummer abundance in all it’s glory.

Eventually, when I’m happy that it’s complete, I will turn it into a stitchy postcard and send it to Oh Comely!

But at the moment it is still growing…

Just like my real garden, I can’t seem to stop tending it. ♥


pretty thing of the week

modflowers: summer crockery from H&MOur garden furniture disintegrated over the winter.

This means that we are currently unable to indulge in one of my favourite things – lunch outdoors.

We could spread out a picnic rug on the grass. That is, if we don’t mind sharing it with the yellow meadow ants that live all over the lawn and seem to pop up, inconveniently, wherever you choose to sit.

I can’t find anything I really like – and can afford – at the moment to replace our table and chairs, so eating al fresco is limited to sitting in the occasional pub garden, rather than our own.

If, however, I was going to indulge in something summery to put on my new, imaginary garden table for outdoor dining, I would be very tempted by these lovely patterned plates, bowls and beakers from H&M.

modflowers: summer crockery from H&Mmodflowers: summer crockery from H&Mmodflowers: summer crockery from H&Mmodflowers: summer crockery from H&MThey’re not unbreakable, so maybe they’d actually be better kept indoors.

At least, until some cheap but gorgeous garden furniture happens along. ♥