not house hunting

modflowers: not house hunting

You know how it is… You avoid the charity shops, telling yourself that you have no need of anything they have to offer. You pass by with barely a glance at the window displays, reminding yourself that you really should have a … Continue reading

city centre selling

So I have been a bit quiet on here of late. But that’s mainly because I’ve been busy making things to sell, all fitted in around walking and generally sorting out our demanding and exercise-hungry hound, and I just haven’t had … Continue reading

a dog never lies about love

The mind of a dog is a mysterious thing. Inviting a dog into your life necessitates trying, mostly unsuccessfully, to understand this mystery – to some extent, at least. Last weekend we invited Lupin, a crossbreed rescue dog who was born on the … Continue reading

the good, the bag and the ugly

Good things come in a bag. Think of sweets; think of Santa’s sack; think of crisps. (Except, that is, for the crisps my Nanna once offered me, which were in a paper bag that emerged after having spent some considerable time … Continue reading

tipping point

Well, I had a lovely birthday, as it turned out. It seemed to stretch over about ten days in all, what with the trip to Copenhagen, followed by a few days in Cornwall. Oh, and there was a mini-celebration when I got home … Continue reading

stitch club sparkle

It’s a phrase often used as a mild insult. Something said to people judged frivolous, punctilious or overly-pernickity, or who have too much time on their hands. “You need to get out more” people trill, sarcastically. But the truth is, I do. It’s something I resolved … Continue reading