patchwork hearts

I like making things. I particularly like making one-off things. After all, most people don’t, as Ryan O’Neal demonstrates in What’s Up Doc, tend to like repeating themselves, do they? But sometimes I need to make not one of something, and not even … Continue reading

all in the detail

I do love a bit of creative upcycling. There is nothing dearer to my heart than someone who, using their creativity and talent, manages to turn the old and discarded into something new and beautiful. And quite frankly, you can’t get any more beautiful upcycling … Continue reading


ladIt was lad’s birthday yesterday. We had a lovely day.

There was a sleepover for friends, pingpong in the park, homemade pizza, lots of treats, sushi, cuddles.

Amid all the hubbub and fun I spent the day glancing periodically at this tall, gangly eleven year old lad, my lad, our lad, and marvelling.

It doesn’t seem five minutes since he was the small bundle of fun in the picture above. The child I thought I’d never have.

In a quiet moment, I spotted this improv pixel quilt-in-the-making by Melissa Averinos.

Which, I think you’ll agree, is another marvel. ♥

modflowers: improv pixel quilt by Melissa Averinos


using up the leftovers

This little bear was my Mothers Day gift from lad. He liked the idea of giving me a bear hug, from an actual bear. And so do I. The bear (who was made by Natali Bright) has been sitting on the … Continue reading

another resurrection

I found my other quilt top! The one I put away. I put it away partly because I couldn’t decide whether to make it any bigger. And if I was going to make it bigger, how much bigger, and how exactly … Continue reading

little bags of lovely

I’m feeling quite pleased with myself. I’ve actually done what I said I would. I’ve followed Kate’s suggestion and made up some little scrap bags to sell. A lot of ironing was involved. And a fair bit of snipping. But … Continue reading