patchwork hearts

modflowers: patchwork heartsI like making things.

I particularly like making one-off things.

After all, most people don’t, as Ryan O’Neal demonstrates in What’s Up Doc, tend to like repeating themselves, do they?

But sometimes I need to make not one of something, and not even two, but LOTS.

And then it’s time for the production line approach…

modflowers: patchwork heartsYesterday my floor became a mass of snipped threads and bits of fabric, my iron worked like a trooper, and my sewing machine whirred busily as my production line got into gear…

modflowers: patchwork heartsI made these calico drawstring bags as packaging for my dolls. The brief was just for them to have Liberty trim of some kind.

I’m actually quite pleased with my patchwork hearts. They were very easy and quick, and make use of all the really little teeny bits of Liberty fabric I saved from making the dolls themselves.

To make your own patchwork hearts, you just need a piece of lightweight iron-on interfacing, fabric scraps, and an iron.

modflowers: patchwork heartsPut your interfacing on your ironing board, sticky side up.

Pick out a pretty selection of fabric scraps and lay them out, right side up, on top of the interfacing without overlapping them, but being sure to cover every single bit of the interfacing with fabric.

Then carefully lay a cloth over the top and press for ten seconds at a time, keeping the iron still rather than moving it around.

After pressing allow to cool, and check all the scraps have bonded. If not, press again.

Turn over and draw hearts on the back of the interfacing, cut out  – and voila! Patchwork hearts, ready to free-machine appliqué to anything you wish!

modflowers: patchwork heartsWhen using them, sew all around the edge of the heart first, then work your way in to the centre in a sort of spiral, sewing over any raw edges to ensure they don’t come unstuck.


modflowers: patchwork heartsI’ll be taking the finished bags with me today to London…

My own heart is all-of-a-flutter, as I’m off to the private view of the Liberty in Fashion exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum, where my dolls will be making their debut.


Wish me luck! ♥


all in the detail

modflowers: Rhonda's hexie quiltI do love a bit of creative upcycling.

There is nothing dearer to my heart than someone who, using their creativity and talent, manages to turn the old and discarded into something new and beautiful.

And quite frankly, you can’t get any more beautiful upcycling than this amazing hexie quilt project by Rhonda Dort.

modflowers: hexie quilt by Rhonda DortEach three-and-a-half inch hexagon is cut from vintage linens that are torn, stained or near worn out.

Rhonda’s intention was “to give these old sad pieces a new life.”

But she has done so much more than that.

Each individual piece has been beautifully embellished, using a selection of lace, beads and trims.

modflowers: hexie quilt block by Rhonda DortThe level of detail and precision is stunning…

hex quilt by Rhonda Dort in progress It’s not finished yet. The quilt is still a work in progress.

Each one of the 46 hexies will have batting added behind.

Then, using the wrap around backing method which will result in a 1/4″ white border around the front of each block, they will be hand sewn together using the English paper piecing method.

modflowers: hexie quilt block finishedThere are lots more pictures of the quilt blocks on Rhonda’s Pinterest board.

I will be following her progress intently.

Because the finished quilt is going to be just spectacular. ♥




ladIt was lad’s birthday yesterday. We had a lovely day.

There was a sleepover for friends, pingpong in the park, homemade pizza, lots of treats, sushi, cuddles.

Amid all the hubbub and fun I spent the day glancing periodically at this tall, gangly eleven year old lad, my lad, our lad, and marvelling.

It doesn’t seem five minutes since he was the small bundle of fun in the picture above. The child I thought I’d never have.

In a quiet moment, I spotted this improv pixel quilt-in-the-making by Melissa Averinos.

Which, I think you’ll agree, is another marvel. ♥

modflowers: improv pixel quilt by Melissa Averinos