happy new year

modflowers dolls

the end of the road

I must say, it was a surprise, to have so many people react to my previous post about our dog, Lupin. I wrote that post at a very low ebb, my patience stretched beyond breaking point, my optimism non-existent. I dreaded my … Continue reading

whilst I’ve been away…

So, as you may have gathered, I haven’t been around on here much recently. I was a bit burned out with blogging. Having written a blog post most days over a few years, life became busier than it had been when I started out. … Continue reading

see you in the new year!

tiny steps

So life with a dog continues… I never appreciated, as a child, the work my mum put into turning our dogs into the well behaved, well trained, well adjusted creatures they all were. But I tell you what, I do … Continue reading

a dog never lies about love

The mind of a dog is a mysterious thing. Inviting a dog into your life necessitates trying, mostly unsuccessfully, to understand this mystery – to some extent, at least. Last weekend we invited Lupin, a crossbreed rescue dog who was born on the … Continue reading