the thrill of the make

modflowers: Liberty dolls

People often talk about the thrill of the chase. But for me, it’s all about the thrill of the make. When it all comes together, making is the best thing in the world. I’ve just completed the latest batch of Liberty dolls, … Continue reading

handmade dolls deadline day

modflowers: Liberty girls finished!

Making dolls is a pleasure. Normally I meander through the process a bit. It’s just how I tend to work… I sort of multitask consecutively, if that makes any sense. I sit down and do a bit of sewing, a bit … Continue reading

how small is too small?

I am, in the big scheme of things, quite obsessed with small things. It’s funny, I must be in my second childhood, as I was always very keen on miniature stuff when I was little. I have just made a second set of … Continue reading

petals to the metal

When I was a child, creativity came easily. I wrote most of a (terrible) novel when I was eight. (I sort of lost interest in it when I discovered that my ambition to be the youngest ever published author was not going to be fulfilled.) … Continue reading

a fabric fable

Once upon a time, there was a pile of fabric. It was not a pile that had been bought from a shop with a particular project in mind. Nor was it a pile awaiting washing, or throwing out. It was a pile of … Continue reading

something old, something new

This weekend, it has finally felt as though spring is beginning at last. Even I, fair-weather gardener that I am, managed to spend an afternoon outdoors, pulling out lots of dead stuff and clipping back unruly and neglected shrubbery. This is … Continue reading