not house hunting

modflowers: thrifted house & handmade bearYou know how it is…

You avoid the charity shops, telling yourself that you have no need of anything they have to offer.

You pass by with barely a glance at the window displays, reminding yourself that you really should have a clear-out at home.

You make things using materials already in your possession, feeling worthy and smug  – happy that you are saving money and actually utilising your (not inconsiderable) stash.

This continues for quite some time.

And then, one morning, you run out of bin bags and have to go to the shops. And all of a sudden, that urge comes upon you and you just can’t stay away any longer. You pop in  – “just for a look”.

You arrive home the new owner of a little battered wooden house, which cost you the princely sum of one pound.

It’s like you’ve never been away. It is perfect. It was meant to be.

Even if you did forget all about the bin bags. ♥


the good, the bag and the ugly

modflowers: vintage trimsGood things come in a bag.

Think of sweets; think of Santa’s sack; think of crisps. (Except, that is, for the crisps my Nanna once offered me, which were in a paper bag that emerged after having spent some considerable time in her handbag. Those were not good at all.)

I always love a good rummage through a bag. Boxes are good too, but bags… well, they hide their contents better.

This can be annoying when you’re searching for your keys, but when you are rummaging amongst charity shop stock it is definitely A Good Thing.

It means there could be stuff hidden at the bottom of a bag that other, less committed rummagers are unlikely to have ferreted out before you got there.

My local charity shop, the one I have mentioned before, often leaves stuff in bags. Or, as in yesterday’s case, sometimes they put lots of little things into a bag together, I guess to make it worthwhile buying them.

I refrained from sorting through the contents of the small bag I bought from there yesterday whilst in the shop, because I could see at a cursory glance that it contained goodies more than worth the price tag.

That, and I’ve always been a bit of a one for the pleasures of delayed gratification.

modflowers: vintage trimsIt was worth the wait.

Tiny trims galore spilled out as I upended said bag on the table at home.

Little flowers, the sort you used to find on childhood undies…

modflowers: vintage trimsA skein of lace, still with it’s factory printed label (with the old pre-1995 Nottingham telephone dialling code) from the days when Nottingham still made lace…

modflowers: vintage trimsA length of nylon frill, which reminds me of the front of a shirt that my Dad wore to a “posh” do sometime in the mid-1970s…modflowers: vintage trimsMore little flowers…modflowers: vintage trimsmodflowers: vintage trimsAnd some lengths of brownish trims, of which this is the nicest…modflowers: vintage trimsYes, mixed bags are definitely A Good Thing.

But they don’t call them “mixed bags” for nothing.

There’s usually something in the mix you’d rather there wasn’t.

Nothing smelly, squishy, dead, dirty or disgusting in this case (thank heavens!)

But I’m not quite sure about this…

modflowers: the good, the bag and the uglyAnd here’s another thing I would not have chosen for it’s own sake…

modflowers: the good, the bag and the uglyThat jewel is very plasticky indeed. Perhaps it fell off a little girl’s fairy wand. I bet it originated in China.

So there it is: the good, the bag, and the ugly.

What’s the best – or worst – thing you’ve ever found lurking at the bottom of a bag? ♥


mouse in a box

modflowers: mouse in a boxI’ve been having a bit of a think recently.

About new things to make. Or more, rather, about new ways of presenting things I make, to make them more attractive and desirable.

I still want to make little characters, because that’s what brings me most joy to create.

Like this one…

modflowers: mouse in a boxmodflowers: mouse in a boxMolly Mouse turned out all right in the end, although at one point I wasn’t sure that she was going to.

I was only just able to turn her right-side-out, a common problem when making new tiny things. It’s really hard to know exactly how tiny to go first-time-around, and bits of her got stuck in the turning, which caused me some mutterings.

But we got there in the end.

This is how tiny Molly is:

modflowers: mouse in a boxI’d go even smaller if I could, but I’m not sure my equipment (including my eyes) is up to it.

Anyway, Molly is a bit little and not really up for any rough handling, so I thought that she might appreciate being decorative, rather than useful.

She, and other creatures like her, are going to be given little boxes to live in, to hang on the wall…

modflowers: mouse in a boxI’m not sure yet about the background. That fabric, a very recent acquisition from Ticking Stripes, is lovely, but just one of many possibilities.

I could also add other bits and bobs to her little home…

modflowers: mouse in a boxmodflowers: mouse in a boxAnyway, I have more thing-in-a-box ideas brewing.

I just need to find me a supply of suitable boxes now. ♥