change of mood

modflowers: change of mood - grumpy lion brooches

I am deep in craft fair preparation mode at the moment. This is usual for the time of year. For the past four years I have had a stall at The Secret Garden Craft Fair, part of Sherwood Art Week, … Continue reading

itty bitty kitties

Well, I have been true to my word haven’t I, as regards being a bit quiet. I haven’t been doing a lot of sewing, although I have been doing a spot of experimenting. Trying out some new things. I need … Continue reading

weekend working

I have never really been much of a fan of working at weekends. When, years ago, I worked in a shop, I put up with working on Saturdays. Actually, it wasn’t that bad. Quite enjoyable, usually. And so it was this … Continue reading

inspired by the season

Making things, for me, always has to come from a place of inspiration. I can’t, even when I have been provided with great ideas that should be put into action, just churn out stuff willy-nilly. I have to feel that … Continue reading

hello doll face

Its funny how a new idea can suddenly strike. I was drinking my third cup of earl grey this morning, contemplating the day ahead, when it happened. I’d just put the finishing touches to these two… I was thinking about something that’s … Continue reading

pretty thing of the week

Never before have I come across an etsy shop name that so accurately describes how it’s wares make me feel as Happy as a Lark. Such cuteness! I’ve always loved miniatures, and Laurie Duncan’s little chalet / weather house brooches … Continue reading