labour of love

modflowers: labour of love

Sometimes, making things comes easy. And sometimes they are a labour of love. It’s all about that “flow” that comes upon you, the feeling that the right thing is right there; that every piece of fabric you pick up is the … Continue reading


modflowers: recent work

So, the dog is gone. We all cried. We still feel sad. Both for her, and for ourselves. We wanted a dog, but after our experience with Lupin… it is not to be. There will not be another dog. I think … Continue reading

small comforts

I am quite a political person. Not that you would generally know this from my blog. I normally steer clear of politics here, because my blog’s not about that. Also, I don’t like those online arguments that seem to blow up … Continue reading

forward thinking

I’ve been a bit absent from my blog for a while over Christmas. In fact, I’ve been absent from the internet almost entirely, give or take a few Instagram photos, over the entire festive season. This would have been unthinkable … Continue reading

an a-plus for mrs b

People sometimes ask me why I do workshops. “You can already sew” they say, “so why do you need to go to a sewing workshop?” These, I hasten to add, are usually people who don’t know me very well and who don’t … Continue reading

out of sight, out of mind

I wish I could work tidily. I really do. My work space is the rear portion of our living room. The living room used to be two rooms, back when we bought the house. But the rear room hardly ever got … Continue reading