labour of love

modflowers: labour of loveSometimes, making things comes easy. And sometimes they are a labour of love.

It’s all about that “flow” that comes upon you, the feeling that the right thing is right there; that every piece of fabric you pick up is the right bit of fabric for what you need it for; that stuff just falls into place and the right thing results.

And sometimes… it doesn’t.

I sometimes think I suffer from a disproportionate amount of the latter. I’m not quite sure why.

I’m also a terrble procrastinator.

I put this down to when you spend much of your day sitting alone in your kitchen stitching, it becomes too, too easy to get sucked far too far into social media.

Even though it does sometimes make me feel like a minority of one in my thoughts, tastes and opinions, most of the time it beats not having anyone to talk to.

Well, it’s either that, or I have no self-discipline. Ahem.

modflowers: labour of loveThis little rodent was made in between projects for other people, as a bit of creative light relief.

Not that the other projects are heavy or difficult, but they are other people’s visions. I find I like to have something on the go that is entirely my own to work on – it helps to keep the creative muse fed, don’t you know.

Anyway, although I love making stuff up, without any rules, this time even this wasn’t an easy process. Everything mouse is wearing is the end result of several discarded previous choices: the frock, the hat, the scarf – all of it.

The rejects are currently sitting in my “work in progress” box (and will no doubt re-emerge to adorn some another small creature at some point in the future.)

Anyway, at least I love how she turned out in the end. She really is a proper labour of love.

Sometimes things don’t just flow. But it still pays to push things along and keep them moving, because that’s how the dam gets worn down and the blockage, eventually, gets washed away. ♥


tiny steps

modflowers: fungi fellowSo life with a dog continues…

I never appreciated, as a child, the work my mum put into turning our dogs into the well behaved, well trained, well adjusted creatures they all were. But I tell you what, I do now.

Having a dog is hard work.

As with children, you have to put the needs of another before your own at all times, which can take a bit of adjustment.

In my case, getting out of bed around 6 o’clock every morning to “see to the dog” has made me glad that I was already on the way to becoming an “early to bed, early to rise” type.

Except now, I don’t really get the “early to bed” bit, since I have to wait for the whole family to be settled in their beds before I can calm the dog down sufficiently to get to bed myself.

modflowers: fungi fellow I am also getting a lot of exercise – walking the dog is the only way to get her to settle down in the house and stop her doing the “three B’s” – biting, begging and barking. When restless, she nips playfully at us and everything around her, can be a pest at mealtimes and patrols the garden trying to spot our neighbour – and warn him off.

Unfortunately, she seems disinclined to run after a ball or toy, meaning that usually I am covering almost the same distances as her, apart from when she is busy chasing after other dogs on the park – one of her favourite things, happily.

modflowers: fungi fellow Don’t get me wrong, it may be tiring, and difficult at times, but it is an enjoyable process for the most part.

I’m pretty sure I’m getting fitter, which is also much appreciated. Over time, as my stamina and the dog’s attachment and obedience increases, things will get easier.

Surprisingly (to me at least) I am managing to fit in a bit of sewing. Like making this little fungi fellow.

modflowers: fungi fellowI’m not sewing every day, because sometimes Lupin just won’t sit still long enough. And sometimes, the process of tiring out Lupin tires me out too.

So much so that during her doggy naps, when I should be getting stuff done, I am often also to be found crashed out on the sofa.

But we are both making progress…

All be it in tiny steps. ♥


hopefully not rude

modflowers: hopefully not rudeI haven’t been doing a lot of making this past couple of weeks.

It’s always the same when the school summer holidays roll around. Lad isn’t small any more (in fact, at thirteen-next-month he is now taller than me) but still, there is precious little work gets done when he’s around.

This is no reflection on him – as an only child he is good at entertaining himself. Even if much of that so-called “entertainment” involves lying around on the sofa wearing pyjamas and headphones, staring at his phone.

No, the problem lies with me. As well as feeling guilt at ignoring him, I have never quite grown up enough to accept that the natural order of things is to work during the summer hols. I blame Enid Blyton.

Instead, I cook (sometimes with lad, sometimes without) temporarily going a bit domestic (which doesn’t seem like real work) or I garden, or we both succumb to the air of lethargy that pervades the house.

But I have been trying to work out a few things to make prior to the dreaded autumn rush, because I have already said that I will provide some of my wares to shops. And, let’s face it, it would be somewhat embarrassing to have nothing to sell when the time comes.

I picked up a piece of ginger-coloured velvet in my favourite charity shop the other day.

Initially I thought I would make some ginger cats… but when my first attempt had been stuffed, it suggested something altogether different.

Something more vulpine…

modflowers: hopefully not rudeHopefully he is foxy enough to be recognisable as such.

Although I’m not sure exactly how many more foxes I will be making, because he was a bit of a fiddle as he definitely required a tail, and I always have trouble with tails.

Whenever I try to add a tail to a creature, the result looks like a… well… lets just say it looks rude. And wrong.

Hopefully that is not what springs to mind with little foxy here.

He is definitely not meant to be rude. ♥