change of mood

modflowers: change of mood - grumpy lion brooches

I am deep in craft fair preparation mode at the moment. This is usual for the time of year. For the past four years I have had a stall at The Secret Garden Craft Fair, part of Sherwood Art Week, … Continue reading

making it up as i go along

One of the funny things about doing stalls is that you never really know in advance what is going to sell. I can get some idea, sometimes, from people’s reactions to blog posts, or to photos shared on Facebook or Instagram. But … Continue reading

magic mushroom mania

And so, the manic making continues. You may remember the magic mushrooms I made previously. Well, I made more. In fact, I liked their be-hatted silliness so much that I decided to make a whole flippin’ forestload of them. Well, … Continue reading

behind the scenes

So, another weekend, another batch of making! Not that I am minding the weekend working. With the weather as it is (wet, wet, wet) – and after a lovely friday evening dinner and sleepover with my best friends, it felt good to … Continue reading

a nice new cushion

It’s funny, getting ready for a craft fair. You think about it for months. Planning what to make to sell, how to display it, all the little tasks that need to be done to prepare everything. And then, before you … Continue reading


Having come back from a weekend away, I am starting to feel slightly panicked at how little work I have done recently. You know that feeling… in the back of your mind it gnaws away, whispering in your ear… “you … Continue reading