labour of love

modflowers: labour of loveSometimes, making things comes easy. And sometimes they are a labour of love.

It’s all about that “flow” that comes upon you, the feeling that the right thing is right there; that every piece of fabric you pick up is the right bit of fabric for what you need it for; that stuff just falls into place and the right thing results.

And sometimes… it doesn’t.

I sometimes think I suffer from a disproportionate amount of the latter. I’m not quite sure why.

I’m also a terrble procrastinator.

I put this down to when you spend much of your day sitting alone in your kitchen stitching, it becomes too, too easy to get sucked far too far into social media.

Even though it does sometimes make me feel like a minority of one in my thoughts, tastes and opinions, most of the time it beats not having anyone to talk to.

Well, it’s either that, or I have no self-discipline. Ahem.

modflowers: labour of loveThis little rodent was made in between projects for other people, as a bit of creative light relief.

Not that the other projects are heavy or difficult, but they are other people’s visions. I find I like to have something on the go that is entirely my own to work on – it helps to keep the creative muse fed, don’t you know.

Anyway, although I love making stuff up, without any rules, this time even this wasn’t an easy process. Everything mouse is wearing is the end result of several discarded previous choices: the frock, the hat, the scarf – all of it.

The rejects are currently sitting in my “work in progress” box (and will no doubt re-emerge to adorn some another small creature at some point in the future.)

Anyway, at least I love how she turned out in the end. She really is a proper labour of love.

Sometimes things don’t just flow. But it still pays to push things along and keep them moving, because that’s how the dam gets worn down and the blockage, eventually, gets washed away. ♥


hanging around

modflowers: hanging around - handmade mouse hanging art, soft sculptureI’ve had a roll of wire hanging around for a while.

I can’t actually remember where it came from; I think it’s picture wire, for hanging up picture frames, but I can’t be sure because my memory on the matter is a complete blank.

Anyway, it’s been hanging around in the kitchen for some time. I noticed it the other day, lurking at the back of a shelf.

And quite out of the blue, I had a flash of inspiration. So I seized the wire – and the moment – and set to work…

modflowers: hanging around - handmade mouse hanging art, soft sculptureI was rather pleased with what resulted. I’m not sure what to call it at the moment – wall art? Dangly decoration?

I am also pleased that I managed to incorporate a few of my vintage stamens in the resulting… thing.

modflowers: vintage stamensI like to think that rather than just hanging around in his little wire loop, mousey there is maybe gathering in his harvest, or perhaps picking a posy for a mouse-mate.

modflowers: hanging around - handmade mouse hanging art, soft sculptureThere seems to be a trend at the moment for clearing stuff out, getting rid of anything that doesn’t serve an immediate purpose.

Although I have some sympathy with William Morris’s idea of having nothing in your house “that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful,” I tend more towards my Dad’s philosophy. Which went something like “throw nothing away that might come in handy one day.”

Anyway, I’m glad that a couple of things that were just hanging around have inspired me and found new purpose.

Even if that new purpose will involve mainly… hanging around. ♥