turned out nice – eventually

modflowers: twirly girly corsagesIt is a good feeling indeed to finish off jobs that need finishing off.

I have never been a particularly good finisher-off-er. I’m the sort that gets all enthused by a project and gets stuck in, only to then get all enthused by another project, and then another, until the available enthusiasm gets spread a bit thin across them all and… well, you can guess the rest.

As a grown-up I’ve learned to organise myself a bit to curb this tendency. But sometimes, just sometimes, projects fall off the list altogether for a while and I end up not doing what I should have done. For which I feel awful, because it can mean that I have let someone down.

These little ladies started out as twirly fairies. But unfortunately, due to being rushed off my feet before Christmas, and events with the dog, they missed their opportunity for festive twirling.

So once I got back on track (and stopped being “stuck“) they got their skirts shortened a little. And now, they have become something else entirely – pretty petite pins, to grace a garment, adorn your lapel, or even decorate your Easter bonnet.

They are available to buy from Sarah Campbell’s shop.

Thankfully, that “stuck” feeling has dissipated with the move towards springtime.

The flowers are pushing up through the still-cold earth and unfurling leaves and petals – and so, it seems, am I.

I think perhaps it is natural to have a dormant, fallow period before spring bursts forth, after all the rushing about up to Christmas.

I can’t say I like it much though – and I, for one, am pretty glad it’s over. ♥dots

floaty flirty girls

modflowers: modflowers: floaty flirty girlsI seem to be on a bit of a spree of making dangly things.

I suppose it’s the time of year. Before long, we’ll all be thinking about putting up the tree and hanging pretty things from the boughs.

Talking of pretty things, I have been wanting to do something with the beautiful bagful of Sarah Campbell’s new Sea Holly range of fabrics ever since she gave them to me, when I saw her at the Liberty in Fashion exhibition.

modflowers: Sea Holly lilac fabrics by Sarah Campbell for Michael MillerThe lilac range is in such beautiful cool colours, which seem to me to suggest winter, despite their floral prettiness.

Sarah asked for some flirty girls. So I got cracking with her fabrics to turn her idea into reality.

To make them floaty as well as flirty, a bit of tulle seemed to fit the bill.

modflowers: floaty flirty girlsI like the way the little skirts echo the crinoline ladies you find on old fashioned embroidered tablecloths.

Although they are much too informal to be proper crinoline ladies.

And a bit too flirty to be angelic, too.

modflowers: floaty flirty girlsBut what they are is properly floaty…

modflowers: floaty flirty girlsJust hang ’em up and watch ’em twirl. ♥


…and breathe!

modflowers: new dolls using fabrics designed by Sarah Campbell for Michael MillerSo I did it!

I got the two current batches of dolls that I had on the go completed yesterday.

Now that might not sound like much to you, but I’m pleased as punch.

You see I’m always a tiny bit worried that the old “making mojo” might desert me mid-make – especially when working on a lot of things at the same time.

There are actually some more dolls still to come… I’ll be starting those shortly.

I got a bit daunted part-way through the cutting-out process and decided not to do them all at once, as one huge, single batch.

modflowers: painting doll facesI fancy it was the thought of coming up with lots of similar-but-different variations on a theme – I was wondering whether I might actually run out of variations?

But with several piles of the most beautiful fabrics designed by Sarah Campbell to inspire me, both new and vintage, I’m happy to say that it shows absolutely no sign of happening yet.

modflowers: new vintage Liberty fabric dollsIn fact, my making mojo is feeling particularly perky.

So much so that when I had finished the dolls, I decided to sew something else.

Just for a change.

I’d realised I was out of cord for making calico bags (to package the dolls, and needing to be sent off with them) and it was too late to go and buy more.

So instead of immediately cracking on with those as I originally intended, I made a new thing.

I’ll show you what I made tomorrow. ♥