tools of the trade

modflowers: acrylic paintsI love getting stuff in the post.

Especially when it’s stuff that opens up a whole new world of possibilities, like today’s delivery.

I mentioned that after my day at Hope and Elvis with Jess Quinn I was inspired to track down some new tools and materials. Something other than fabrics, that is.

Well, I am a woman of my word. My googling finger was quite tired by the time I had finished, I can tell you.

But it was all worth it.

I have bought paints. In super colours…

modflowers: acrylic paintsAnd a super-fine paintbrush.

Expect to see something painted – like, maybe, dolls’ faces perhaps – in the not too distant future.

modflowers: acrylic paintI am not about to embark upon self-surgery.

Or even to go fishing – despite the fact that I bought my other bit of kit from a fishing supplies website.

Nevertheless, I do have a pair of these…

modflowers: forcepsThese particular forceps are, I discovered, the perfect thing for turning itty-bitty narrow sewn things inside out. They were an utter revelation.

No more death-by-chopstick! No more cursing my lack of fingernails!

Moggy feet, doll legs - and any other itty-bitty narrow things within striking distance – are about to get turbo turned.

There’s nothing quite like having the right tools for the job, is there? ♥


pattern perfect

modflowers: Silvia Dekker Granny chic floralI am very jealous of clever and talented people who can design patterns.

Like designer Silvia Dekker, whose work I recently stumbled across on Facebook.

Her patterns are lovely to behold…

modflowers: Silvia Dekker - Nightflowermodflowers: Silvia Dekker Florida Sunshine patternHer work is bit vintage, a bit kitsch, a bit cute and a lot nice.

It must be fantastic to be able to pick up a pen (or modern techie equivalent) and doodle your way to an original pattern that can grace walls, or stationary, or household goods, or fabric.

Reading about Silvia’s influences, I think she and I would get on. We are both fans of fairytales, folk art and vintage fabrics.

modflowers: Silvia Dekker - Mermaid_patternIf I had my time again, I would indulge my creative urges earlier in life, instead of allowing myself to be steered away from them towards something more “sensible”.

You can see more of Silvia’s work, which encompasses lovely illustrations as well as patterns, here. And you can buy things with her lovely designs upon them from Society 6.

modflowers: Silvia Dekker at Society6I, unfortunately, have never designed a pattern. I wouldn’t know how to, although it is something I would love to be able to do.

But thankfully I do know how to spot – and appreciate – a good’un when I see one. ♥


what I made & what I bought

modflowers: handmade vintage fabric dollAs promised yesterday, here she is…

This is the doll I made at Jess Quinn’s workshop on Saturday.

As you can see, I took full advantage of the lovely bits and bobs on offer to make and clothe her.

I didn’t manage to get everything finished at the workshop itself, but I snaffled up the bits I’d been working on and enough little extras to finish off her outfit at home.

modflowers: handmade dollAs I may have mentioned, I do love Jess Quinn’s work and it was great to hear her talk about her influences and inspirations.

I also loved to learn new techniques.

But I didn’t want to produce something that felt like too close an imitation of Jess’s own work. I wanted my doll to be my own.

I hope I succeeded.

modflowers: handmade dollPersonally, I love her. Although, I did worry that she was going to turn out too “cute” – so to toughen her up a bit, I gave her a tattoo:

modflowers: rag doll with tattooAnd I added some of my own fabrics to the back of her frock – which also handily covered up a couple of stains on the vintage doily the frock was made from:

modflowers: hand made dollShe wasn’t the only thing I came home with, though.

I’m afraid I also succumbed to the lure of the best pair of £5 shoes I had ever seen.

They winked at me across the room from the top of a vintage china cabinet all through the workshop, until I had to go over and check them out.

Well, wouldn’t you?

modflowers: vintage shoesThey’re only Top Shop, not proper vintage. But they’re still rather nice.

And of course, I also had to buy one of Jess Quinn’s pieces.

modflowers: figure by Jess QuinnWell, it would’ve been rude not to.

I loved making my doll… and now I’m in two minds as to whether to make more.

What do you think? ♥