hopefully not rude

modflowers: hopefully not rudeI haven’t been doing a lot of making this past couple of weeks.

It’s always the same when the school summer holidays roll around. Lad isn’t small any more (in fact, at thirteen-next-month he is now taller than me) but still, there is precious little work gets done when he’s around.

This is no reflection on him – as an only child he is good at entertaining himself. Even if much of that so-called “entertainment” involves lying around on the sofa wearing pyjamas and headphones, staring at his phone.

No, the problem lies with me. As well as feeling guilt at ignoring him, I have never quite grown up enough to accept that the natural order of things is to work during the summer hols. I blame Enid Blyton.

Instead, I cook (sometimes with lad, sometimes without) temporarily going a bit domestic (which doesn’t seem like real work) or I garden, or we both succumb to the air of lethargy that pervades the house.

But I have been trying to work out a few things to make prior to the dreaded autumn rush, because I have already said that I will provide some of my wares to shops. And, let’s face it, it would be somewhat embarrassing to have nothing to sell when the time comes.

I picked up a piece of ginger-coloured velvet in my favourite charity shop the other day.

Initially I thought I would make some ginger cats… but when my first attempt had been stuffed, it suggested something altogether different.

Something more vulpine…

modflowers: hopefully not rudeHopefully he is foxy enough to be recognisable as such.

Although I’m not sure exactly how many more foxes I will be making, because he was a bit of a fiddle as he definitely required a tail, and I always have trouble with tails.

Whenever I try to add a tail to a creature, the result looks like a… well… lets just say it looks rude. And wrong.

Hopefully that is not what springs to mind with little foxy here.

He is definitely not meant to be rude. ♥


in the press…

modflowers: my project in Love Sewing magazine!I hate having to keep things under my hat.

I’m not a good secret-keeper. By that I don’t mean that I just blab out stuff anyone tells me in confidence. But I do find it hard to keep exciting happenings quiet.

However, age, it seems, is my helper. I had, I admit, actually forgotten about this exciting happening until the magazine emailed me about it! Well, it was back in rainy April that I undertook the work – water under the sewing bridge, now we’re in hot and sticky July.

You may remember that back in the mists of time I made quite a few mini moggies.

modflowers vintage fabric mini mogsMy first one was a spur-of-the-moment make as my entry in the Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition back in 2014.

modflowers: umbrella prints trimmings competition entry 2014Well, the original creation didn’t win, but it has since been re-pinned on Pinterest around 2000 times, so I guess I did something right.

Love Sewing Magazine must have thought so too, because they got in touch and asked whether I would be prepared to write and photograph a tutorial for the magazine, showing how to make the cat and mouse dinky duo.

To which I of course said “yes!”

The results are now published in the latest issue (Issue 29) – and my moggy project even appears on the cover, which is extra-specially gratifying!

modflowers: my project in Love Sewing MagazineSo if you fancy making a mini mog with it’s even mini-er mouse – pop along to the newsagents for your copy. There’s a template and step by step instructions for it and everything in the mag.

I haven’t actually seen the article yet myself. I’m hoping to get along to a newsagents this week.

modflowers: my project in love sewing magazineI’m also hoping I get to do more projects for Love Sewing in future.

Apart from waiting for the rainy April light to be good enough to take the photos, it was a lot of fun.

And it’s a nice feeling thinking that there might be mini moggies taking shape all over the place.

If you make one, drop me a line and let me know! ♥


the good, the bag and the ugly

modflowers: vintage trimsGood things come in a bag.

Think of sweets; think of Santa’s sack; think of crisps. (Except, that is, for the crisps my Nanna once offered me, which were in a paper bag that emerged after having spent some considerable time in her handbag. Those were not good at all.)

I always love a good rummage through a bag. Boxes are good too, but bags… well, they hide their contents better.

This can be annoying when you’re searching for your keys, but when you are rummaging amongst charity shop stock it is definitely A Good Thing.

It means there could be stuff hidden at the bottom of a bag that other, less committed rummagers are unlikely to have ferreted out before you got there.

My local charity shop, the one I have mentioned before, often leaves stuff in bags. Or, as in yesterday’s case, sometimes they put lots of little things into a bag together, I guess to make it worthwhile buying them.

I refrained from sorting through the contents of the small bag I bought from there yesterday whilst in the shop, because I could see at a cursory glance that it contained goodies more than worth the price tag.

That, and I’ve always been a bit of a one for the pleasures of delayed gratification.

modflowers: vintage trimsIt was worth the wait.

Tiny trims galore spilled out as I upended said bag on the table at home.

Little flowers, the sort you used to find on childhood undies…

modflowers: vintage trimsA skein of lace, still with it’s factory printed label (with the old pre-1995 Nottingham telephone dialling code) from the days when Nottingham still made lace…

modflowers: vintage trimsA length of nylon frill, which reminds me of the front of a shirt that my Dad wore to a “posh” do sometime in the mid-1970s…modflowers: vintage trimsMore little flowers…modflowers: vintage trimsmodflowers: vintage trimsAnd some lengths of brownish trims, of which this is the nicest…modflowers: vintage trimsYes, mixed bags are definitely A Good Thing.

But they don’t call them “mixed bags” for nothing.

There’s usually something in the mix you’d rather there wasn’t.

Nothing smelly, squishy, dead, dirty or disgusting in this case (thank heavens!)

But I’m not quite sure about this…

modflowers: the good, the bag and the uglyAnd here’s another thing I would not have chosen for it’s own sake…

modflowers: the good, the bag and the uglyThat jewel is very plasticky indeed. Perhaps it fell off a little girl’s fairy wand. I bet it originated in China.

So there it is: the good, the bag, and the ugly.

What’s the best – or worst – thing you’ve ever found lurking at the bottom of a bag? ♥