stick ‘em up!

modflowers: coloroll stickupOh my!

I am doing rather well this week. I received another unexpected parcel yesterday.

From an online friend who spotted something in a charity shop, and thought of me.

The parcel contained a selection of these…

coloroll stickups 2modflowers: coloroll stickup yellow

As you can see from the picture above, they are called Stick-Ups.

They were made in the 1960s (I’m guessing) by a company called Coloroll, which made vinyl wallpapers back in the day and actually still produces papers today.

modflowers: vintage Coloroll stickup blueThese particular designs are by famous children’s illustrator Jan Pienkowski, creator of Meg and Mog.

The forerunner of today’s vinyl wall murals, these striking, colourful pvc stickers are big, bold – and can be stuck on all sorts of things.

modflowers: coloroll stickupsThe backing paper has some suggestions…

You can “dazzle the dustman” (by sticking them on your bin), “jolly up your jalopy” (by sticking them on your car – I can just imagine my partner’s face if I suggested that!), or “ginger up your jars” (though these particular ones would require very large jars).

But this suggestion is my top favourite…

modflowers: coloroll stickup labelIt’s amazing, the friends you make online.

I am eternally grateful to Riva, who sent the Stick-Ups to me.

I have a dozen of them; enough to do something quite spectacular.

The downstairs loo wall beckons… ♥


brightened by beauty

modflowers: bright and beautiful vintage fabricsYesterday was a day of ups and downs.

It started off with excitement.  The supplies I ordered for a new idea for my Christmas stalls had arrived and I was itching to get to work with them.

I won’t tell you what I’m making, as I’m still not sure it’s going to work. But suffice to say, my initial experimentation was unsuccessful.

Spectacularly so, in fact.

Things got broken. Things that will have to be reordered.

But after a modicum of swearing, I moved swiftly and positively on and finished getting my moggies stuffed (though not sewn).

modflowers: moggies stuffedAnd then the postman knocked.

And he brought me the best, most beautiful consolation prize I could have wished for…


modflowers: bright and beautiful vintage fabric modflowers: bright and beautiful vintage fabricmodflowers: bright and beautiful vintage fabricOh my!

This beautiful parcel came from Rachel of Rainbow Vintage Home. A swapsie.

And perfectly timed to brighten my day. ♥


pretty things of the week

modflowers: wildlife Badger round cushionLovely designs can often be unexpected.

This striking cushion popped up on my computer screen (I forget how I spotted it) not long after a conversation I had been having with lad, all about how different people see things in different ways.

I had been talking about that classic drawing where some people see a vase, and some see two faces in profile.

My eye was drawn to the cushion thinking it was a bold floral.

But upon closer inspection…

modflowers: wildlife cushions by orwell and goodeClever eh?

This series of wildlife design cushions are by Orwell and Goode.

I think they’re lovely.

But even nicer (if a bit more expensive) are their pouffes…

modflowers: wildlife badger footstool

I have always loved pouffes.

Being fond of sitting on, or close to the floor for much of my life (although admittedly less so now that my old bones have a tendency to ache), a pouffe allows an enhanced degree of low-seated comfort.

Whilst growing up we had a Moroccan leather pouffe at home. There was always a debate over whether it should be pronounced “pooff” or, as Nanna would have it, “poo-fay”, with an acute “é” on the end.

Mind you, Nanna used to also pronounce marmite as “mar-meet”. And we knew she was wrong about that because we’d heard the advert on telly.

The pouffe / pouffé argument ceased with the item’s demise, ending it’s days in the bin due to a strong dung-like stink from it’s rank stuffing spilling out following someone’s vigorous jumping on it. Ahem.

modflowers: wildlife fox pouffeI’m sure Orwell and Goode’s pouffe’s are not remotely smelly. And they’re far too pretty to jump on.

You can find them, and the cushions (some of which are currently in the sale) in their shop.

And it’s ok, I won’t take issue. Whether it’s pouffe or pouffé, you may pronounce it however you wish. ♥