riding high

modflowers: west riding collection by sheila bownasI have written about the wonderful designs of Sheila Bownas before.

But that wasn’t the whole story. A new instalment has just emerged.

A new collection of designs from the archives of Sheila’s wonderful designs has just been brought to life…

modflowers: sheila bownas collectionFour British designer makers have come together with the Sheila Bownas Archive to launch an exclusive range of contemporary pieces for the home.

The collection commemorates what would have been Bownas’ 90th year and draws upon the newly released pattern ‘West Riding’.

The pattern is based around elements of the architecture in Linton and surrounding North Yorkshire villages, where Sheila Bownas lived and worked until her death in 2007.

modflowers: west riding collection by sheila bownasThe new collection includes porcelain by Elisabeth Barry, fabric by Sarah Waterhouse, furniture by Parlour and lighting by Zoe Darlington.

All of which are spectacularly lovely…

modflowers: porcelain from the west riding collection by sheila bownasmodflowers: lighting from the west riding collection by sheila bownasmodflowers: fabric from the west riding collection by sheila bownasTo see more of the West Riding Collection, visit the Sheila Bownas website.

Prepare to be dazzled. ♥


putting it about a bit

modflowers: creative workspaceI was brought up in an age when girls were not supposed to be outgoing.

Quietness and demureness were prized, particularly by my nanna, but also by my mum. My sister and I were encouraged to be modest and self-effacing; there were no worse sins, it seemed, than to be arrogant, boastful or shouty about your achievements – especially if you were a girl.

So I’m feeling a bit squirmy and uncomfortable writing this, since it not only involves rejecting this childhood edict, but to compound my sins, then blowing my trumpet about having done so.

The fact is, I’ve been putting myself about a bit lately.

Firstly, I spotted a post on Facebook from Vicky of The Linen Garden.

modflowers: floral treasures from The Linen GardenI have been meaning to write a blog post about Vicky’s blog and shop for ages.

Both are full of floral, vintage haberdashery-and-fabric loveliness.

The Linen Garden sells supplies and Vicky also makes floral vintage fabric things, but in comparison with mine hers are delicate, pretty and fragile-looking.

Like ballet shoes, compared with 1970′s platforms.

modflowers: treasure from The Linen GardenAnyway, she is going to do a regular bloggy feature on people’s pottering places – workrooms and creative spaces – and was calling for potential participants.

So I sent her a couple of photos – and I think I’m going to be in it! Which is very exciting indeed!

Secondly I spotted, again on Facebook (how useful it can be, despite my dislike for it’s money-grabby big business ways!) an opportunity to participate in a local art trail event happening in the summer in Nottingham’s Creative Quarter.

modflowers: Nottingham Creative QuarterAfter doing the usual thing – namely bookmarking the opportunity with a “well, they wouldn’t pick me anyway” sigh - I then gave myself a bit of a talking to.

And then I got stuck in and wrote an application after all.

I think it’s going to Amsterdam that’s done it. I got all pleased with myself at being able to manage to book flights and sort out international travel all on my own, without anyone helping me or even holding my hand.

It made me think “go for it girl, how hard can it be?!”

I don’t know whether I’ll be accepted for the art trail thing, but even if I’m not, I’m glad I’ve had a go nonetheless.

After all, you’ve got to be in it to win it, haven’t you? And everyone should be allowed to get a little bit shouty and trumpet-blowy now and again, I think.

Although I’m not sure nanna would have agreed. ♥

modflowers: the formidable nanna


giveaway winner

modflowers: zakka style book giveaway

…and the winner is…

Sarah Donnison!

Congratulations Sarah – get in touch with your details (visit my contact page to send me an email) and your book will be despatched to you forthwith.

Commiserations to everyone else who entered – the winner was generated by random number so no favouritism was involved!

Better luck next time x ♥

modflowers: giveaway winner random number