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modflowers: vintage fabric cat cushionIt’s been a while since I made a full-sized cat cushion.

But with two days to go before my next stall, I realised that I had none left to take with me.

There are owls, there are birdies, there are even Christmas mice - but no cats.

So with girded loins and a stiff upper lip, I steeled myself to cut into two wonderful pieces of fabric I had bought recently.

Luckily, there is a fair bit of each, so these won’t necessarily be the last maxi moggies in these fabrics.

modflowers: vintage fabric cat cushionI have to say, I do enjoy miniature making more.

Perhaps it’s to do with the seemingly endless process of stuffing a big cat.

Or maybe it’s my miserly side coming out: there’s something particularly pleasing about finding perfect paws or a terrific tail in the scraps bag, rather than cutting into virgin fabric to make them.

modflowers: vintage Dekoplus fabric cat cushion maxi moggyWhatever it is, these big bad boys will be on my stall this weekend at Bird in Borrowed Feathers Winter Market.

The event takes place both today and Sunday at Cobden Chambers, a series of wonderful old buildings off Pelham Street in Nottingham city centre.

Bird in Borrowed Feathers Winter Market posterThe premises have been recently renovated from a decades-empty husk, but unfortunately, the heating hasn’t quite been fixed up yet.

So I will be the one encased in maximum thermals, snuggled into my warmest coat, possibly even sporting a fair isle beret.

Needs must. ♥


late update: just heard that the heating has been fixed – yay!


a story of note

modflowers: vintage tableclothWhen I buy stuff on Ebay, I usually look for a bargain.

Something cheap and cheerful, that I can imagine enhancing one of my makes.

But at some point I realise that I seem to have stopped considering the origins of the fabrics I buy.

By this I mean that although I always buy vintage fabrics, I haven’t thought much recently about their journey before they reach me.

I used to think about this a great deal. It’s one of the things I’ve always loved about buying vintage: the fact that objects have a timeline, a life story, an existence that transcends their temporary owners’ lives.

My most recent Ebay purchase, a vintage tablecloth, came with some added extras…

modflowers: vintage tablecloth and buttonsBut more than those, more than buttons and tape, it came with a note.

A reminder that vintage fabrics have stories to tell, if we could only hear them…

tablecloth noteI feel… almost guilty at the thought of cutting this tablecloth. Because it has been loved. Treasured.

Although, obviously, the owner has chosen to let it go.

Even so, I might let it sit awhile in my stash.

Just to give it a little more time to whisper it’s story to me. ♥