pocket bears

modflowers: pocket bearAs a child, I remember reading a story in which one of the characters, a boy, carried about a little white mouse in his pocket.

I can’t remember which story it was, but I remember being quite impressed by that particular detail. I loved the idea of having a pet about your person, a constant little companion.

I never went so far as to try secreting one of our gerbils in my pockets though. I knew, deep down, that animals weren’t likely to take kindly to that sort of thing. They might get squashed, or escape at an inopportune moment.

And a pocketful of poo didn’t seem like such a good idea either. So, I confined my pocket pals to Pippa dolls.

I still love the idea of pocket-sized companions though. So I decided to make some pocket bears.

So far, there’s only one finished…

modflowers: pocket bearBut I have a few more up my sleeve, so to speak….

modflowers: pocket bearsThey may not be quite so lively as a mouse…

modflowers: pocket bearBut at least these pocket pals don’t mind being pocketed. ♥



making faces

modflowers: making facesSometimes, what should be easy, just… isn’t.

After faffing about trying to make something new involving wire, which just didn’t work, I had a brainwave.

I’d made a big batch of petals and I decided instead to use them to upscale my petal people pins into something bigger, bolder and brighter.

All good so far… the new flower folk went together nicely and the day sped along pleasurably quickly.

I was on the home strait, with just the faces to embroider, when it all stalled.

modflowers: making facesMy faces look simple. I want them to look simple. They are simple.


Except it’s amazing how quickly features can go faulty. A millimetre’s mis-shift in eye position, a slightly misaligned conk-stitch, or a teeny-tiny wonkiness around the smile, and it can ruin the whole thing.

A happy face turns sour. A cute nose goes bulbous in a bad way. A charming smile becomes evil.

There’s just no accounting for it.

modflowers: making facesCute becomes cantankerous, good becomes grotesque. And that’s before you start getting your thread knotted up, your french knots tangled and your sequins stuck to your fingertips.

Suddenly, what’s meant to be lovely, is sort of rubbish instead.

modflowers: making facesI must’ve unpicked the eyes on this one a dozen times.

It was a challenge, I don’t mind telling you.

My own face was quite wonky with grumpiness by the time I was done.

But I think – hope – we got there in the end. ♥



modflowers: disembodied head I’ve never liked taxidermy.

Being a vegetarian for many years, I never felt that I would want to decorate my house with dead animals, any more than I would want to boil them up for dinner.

But I have to admit, I do find textile “fauxidermy” a bit of a guilty pleasure.

There are lots of examples of it all over t’internet – both clever, realistic versions and quirky, cartoonish ones. I kind of like them both.

The other day I was trying to work out a pattern for the making of a new creature, which involved making a mock-up in calico. I got so engrossed in making the pattern for the head, that I kind of forgot to sew it to a body.

Which left me with a half-finished, disembodied calico head knocking about on my sewing table.

Waste not, want not, I thought…

modflowers: disembodied head

I’m quite fond of what resulted.

And rather pleased with how the plaque it rests on turned out. (I worked out how to do that all by myself.)

So, if anyone fancies a disembodied creature head to decorate their wall, you know where to come.

Completely cruelty-free, of course.

More cutesidermy than taxidermy. ♥