floral fancies

modflowers: floral fanciesAlmost anything can be improved with the addition of vintage florals, in my humble opinion.

These are some of my favourite recently-spotted floral fancies…

modflowers: floral fanciesmodflowers: floral fanciesmodflowers: floral fanciesmodflowers: floral fancies modflowers: floral fanciesNone of the above are still available, alas. They have all been sold.

But still – they are so nice to look at. ♥


amazing appliqué

modflowers: Boy And Girl full quilt by Kim McCleanI never knew appliqué could be like this.

This quilt by Kim McClean really takes it to a whole other level, doesn’t it?

To add to the awesomeness, this whole quilt was done by hand.

modflowers: Boy And Girl quilt borderYou can, if you think you have the patience and staying power, buy the pattern and the fabrics to make your own version of the quilt here.

I don’t think I’ll be doing that. I couldn’t – and wouldn’t want to – replicate someone else’s work.

But it is just amazing. ♥


side by side

modflowers: hand and machine embroideryIt’s great to finally get properly reacquainted with hand embroidery.

After weeks of adding examples of other people’s inspirational stitching to my stitchery witchery pinterest board, I’ve got going with a bit of stitchery of my own.

I find that I really like the combination of hand and machine stitching.

I never would have thought that hand and machine embroidery could live so happily side by side, cheek by jowl, in the same piece.

modflowers: hand and machine embroideryeBut I think they do…

modflowers: hand and machine embroideryAnd whilst I do love working at the sewing machine, it’s great to be equally creative at the same time as relaxing on the sofa. ♥