playing nicely

modflowers: Danasco tulip fabricBuying vintage fabric is always fun.

The perusal of wares, the anticipation of their arrival. I can’t deny, I am addicted to it.

But sometimes there is an added bonus.

The newest addition to my stash is this lovely bright stuff. Brand new off the roll yet over 50 years old, it looks like it was manufactured yesterday.

modflowers: Danasco Tulip fabricThe fabric is called Tulip, made by Danasco.

The added bonus is not just how cheerful it is to gaze upon on this very grey October morning…

modflowers: bright vintage fabricsThe top two fabrics on the pile I’ve had for ages.

The bottom two are my newest acquisitions.

But just look how nicely they all play together. ♥


thrift of the day

modflowers: vintage traysSometimes it feels like I am being guided by a light from above when it comes to thrifting (or charity shopping, as we usually call it round here).

There is a charity shop near me whose opening hours are a little sporadic. I often forget to go there, as I don’t pass by very often.

We tried to visit last weekend, as lad had a friend round for a sleepover and we were on the lookout for cheap dvds. But it wasn’t to be. They were shut.

I wasn’t going to go yesterday morning, until I got to the end of the road and thought “ooh, it’s ages since I poked about in there. I’ll just see if they’re open”.

And lo and behold, the thrifting fairy waved her magic wand…

modflowers: vintage tray designed by pat albeckvintage tray designed by pat albeckmodflowers: red vintage tray Ironically, I was ogling something similar online just the other day. I rejected that particular treasure, as it was rather expensive.

But the thrifting fairy did me proud on price too.

The man said “Is that all you want? That’ll be a pound.” And I, somewhat stunned, rather stupidly replied “There’s two of them!” To which he responded “Yes, that’s a pound.”

So I smiled, and I didn’t argue, and I told him that I collected trays.

modflowers: vintage tray collectionWhich, as you can see from the picture above (although not the full extent of my collection) is true.

It even made up for the fact that in my absence the shop has had a big clear-out of all the sections I normally rummage.

Oh well. By the time I visit again, they might have restocked.

If the thrifting fairy is on form. ♥



pretty, but pricey

new Bjorn Wiinblad collectionI am a big fan of Bjorn Wiinblad’s work.

I have a couple of original posters, bought on Etsy and Ebay, when such things could still be picked up quite reasonably.

Now, of course, they seem to be rare as hen’s teeth and twice as expensive.

So I was happy to find out that there is a new collection of his candlesticks, trays, cups and flowerpots.

They are available now in Denmark, and due out here in the spring.

They are, of course, beautiful…

new Bjorn Wiinblad collectionnew Bjorn Wiinblad collectionnew Bjorn Wiinblad collectionnew Bjorn Wiinblad collectionmodflowers: new Bjorn Wiinblad collectionThe only problem is, they ain’t cheap. Any dreams of a new collection making Wiinblad’s work more affordable are, alas, just that – dreams.

I’m not saying he’s not worth the money.

But unfortunately, I’m priced out of owning any of these pieces.

I can, however, enjoy a bit of online eye candy. And so can you: the full collection can be seen here.

Window shopping doesn’t cost anything, thankfully. ♥