last minute

modflowers: last minute packingWe are going on holiday today – yay!

As usual with us, it’s all a bit last minute.

We are not good planners, my partner and I, when it comes to holidays. We tend to put off until tomorrow – or better still next week – what should be done today.

I had sort of given up on us booking a holiday at all really. We were originally thinking of going to a festival, but then we went off the idea.

My passport is out of date, so a last minute trip abroad wasn’t possible.

And my love affair with camping just isn’t passionate enough any more to want nearly a fortnight of it – especially when the weather forecast is a bit dodgy.

But eventually we girded our loins (whatever that means), gritted our teeth, and got googling. And we are off on a last minute trip West! A few days in Bideford, then onward, to Cornwall.

modflowers: a picture from our previous trip to CornwallDepending on the weather, and the availability of wifi, the blog might be a bit neglected over the next ten days or so.

Though I dare say I’ll be popping up on Instagram.

But I’ll be sure to send you all the odd postcard from our adventures in the wild West. ♥


table wear

modflowers: vintage fabric tablecloth / throwI bought a lovely thing yesterday.

We popped into town for some school shoes for lad (hoping to – and succeeding in – avoiding the screaming hoards that descend in the week before school starts). And I couldn’t resist a quick shufty in Oxfam, as we were passing.

Whilst lad was rewarded with a sit-down, and partner with a pair of very nice Levis, I got this thing of beauty…

modflowers: vintage fabric tablecloth / throw / scarfAlthough it was in the scarves box, I don’t think it is a scarf. Or rather, it wasn’t originally intended as one.

Some patterns transcend the purpose for which they were created.

Have you ever looked at stationary and wished the pattern was available as a fabric? Or worn a dress and thought “this would make pretty curtains”?

I’m afraid I do it all the time. I can’t help it. It’s like a little part of my brain is never satisfied with a pattern in just one context, so it has to perform some strange mental paint-by-numbers and pop it somewhere else, just to be awkward.

modflowers: vintage fabric tablecloth / throw / scarfSomeone had obviously done the same mental re-imagining process that I am so fond of and gone – “ooh, scarf!” But I think the item in question is actually a very small tablecloth.

It has one or two of those tiny, tell-tale tablecloth-type stains and the fabric I think is rayon, which is typically tablecloth-y.

Whatever, for two whole pounds, I wasn’t going to quibble.

The stains are barely noticeable and that pattern is just divine…

modflowers: vintage fabric tablecloth / throw / scarfSo, shall I wear it as as scarf, or put it on a table?

Well, the answer to that is…

Actually, neither. I rather like it as a throw (see picture at the top of this post).

And like this tablecloth, I think it would also make a smashing floor-cushion cover.

But the thought that sprang to my over-excited and contrary mind was actually, “wouldn’t that make a lovely rug?”

modflowers: vintage fabric tablecloth / throw / scarfSo, how does one go about turning a tablecloth into a rug?

I’m thinking, look out for a thick wool blanket in cream or pink, and sew it onto the back. Or if I can source something felty, that would probably do too.

And in the meantime, I can always use it as a throw.

Or maybe even wear it as a scarf. ♥



modflowers: hamsa vintage fabric textile artI do like to ring the changes with different sewing techniques.

It makes life so much more interesting than doing the same thing over and over again.

And it makes you think, remembering – or learning – how to do something, instead of beavering away on autopilot.

modflowers: hamsa vintage fabric appliqueAnyway, after admiring Kim McClean’s fantastic appliqué quilt, I was determined to work a bit of hand-appliqué into something. I had done some before, but a long time ago.

It’s a bit fiddly compared with machine appliqué as you tuck the raw edges underneath, which means lots of careful pressing before you start to sew.

You also have to be sure to keep your stitches very tiny and very even if it’s not to look, frankly, rubbish.

I’ll leave you to judge how well I did on that score. (Not as well as I’d like in my opinion, but I am a bit of a perfectionist about these things).

modflowers: hamsa vintage fabric appliqueI decided to combine hand and machine appliqué, partly because I do not have Kim’s patience, and partly because I just like to mix things up a bit.

So I started off with a few machine-stitched flowers, and went from there.

modflowers: hamsa vintage fabric appliqueMy original idea was to make a hand holding a bunch of flowers, but having forgotten to appliqué the flower stems first (so the ends got hidden under the flowers – duh!) I had to rethink a bit.

But actually, I like how it turned out…
modflowers: hamsa vintage fabric appliquemodflowers: hamsa vintage fabric appliqueThe hand is the hamsa or khamsa, a symbol used as a sign of protection against the evil eye.

modflowers: hamsa vintage fabric appliqueI was going to get all fancy with embroidery, as the hamsa is often depicted with lots of intricate decoration.

But although normally I don’t really know when to stop, this time I just did. ♥

modflowers: hamsa vintage fabric applique