from blobby to blingy

modflowers: new stitchy pictureAlthough I had things I knew I should be getting on with, yesterday didn’t exactly start on a high point of efficiency and purpose.

As is my usual habit, I got lad’s breakfast, then sat looking at Pinterest over my own bowl of granola. And as I looked at lots of pictures of flowers, an idea blossomed.

I would make some little stuffed fabric flowers, using the same method as for my doll face brooches!

I wasn’t sure exactly what I would do with them once I had made them, but I still wanted to make them nonetheless.

modflowers: stuffed flower / lumpy blobAlas, my first attempt did not resemble anything floral. More like a strange, lumpy little blob.

I tried adding some decoration, but it didn’t seem to improve things much.

I cast it aside in disgust. Not such a great idea after all.

modflowers: stuffed fabric flowerDetermined not to end the day’s making on a low, I decided to tackle one of the things I had promised myself I would do.

modflowers: mount board offcutsA while back I bought this stack of mount-board offcuts, thinking that they would make good backing material for stitchy pictures.

And it just so happens that I need some pictures for the Sherwood Art Week exhibition in June that I’m participating in.

So I thought – here goes nothing, and got stuck in…

modflowers: stitchy pictureIt turned out ok, I think.

modflowers: stitchy pictureBut despite my success, I just couldn’t get that lumpy little blob out of my mind.

I hate discarding something I’ve made, even when it hasn’t really worked out. I thought – it just needs something…

So I turned to my newest obssession – beads. I love ‘em.

I keep visiting the bead shop and having to restrain myself from leaving with a rainbow sackful of those colourful vials of seed beads.

They’re tiny, they’re blingy, and they seemed just the right thing to perk up a lumpy blobby flower, being in every sense just the opposite of lumpy and blobby themselves.

And lo and behold – what a transformation!

modflowers: stuffed fabric flower with beadsMy beading needs a little practise, but I want to make more of them. I want to make this one into a pendant on a long string, for me.

And now I definitely want more beads.

Because anything that can transform that blob into bling has got to be worth having in quantity, hasn’t it?

Do you think if I wore enough beads they might work some of their magic on me? ♥


mystery woman

modflowers: Tree by Toni HermanssonUnlike certain other design disciplines, fabric design does not often create superstars.

Yes, certain names may eventually become well-known, but it seems much more rare than in, say, furniture or fashion design.

Especially when the designs adorn such down to earth items as tablecloths, placemats and tea towels.

modflowers: floral fabric by Toni HermanssonOne name I spotted recently is Toni Hermansson.

Apart from the fact that she is Swedish and designed for Boräs and Almedahls, I know nothing else about her.

modflowers: Toni HermanssonEven her designs are difficult to track down – there seem to be precious few images of them to be found online, at least.

However, those I have found are well worth seeing.

modflowers: Toni Hermanssonmodflowers: Holiday fabric, by Toni HermanssonMany of them have a bold, curvy, sensual, swirling quality about them which is very much of their 70′s heyday.

If anyone has seen more of Toni’s work, or knows any more about her, I would love it if you could share any links in the comments.

Some mysteries deserve to be solved. ♥


inspired by the season

modflowers: vintage fabric corsageMaking things, for me, always has to come from a place of inspiration.

I can’t, even when I have been provided with great ideas that should be put into action, just churn out stuff willy-nilly. I have to feel that spark.

I do have a good few ideas brewing – many of which were provided by some of my blog and Facebook page readers.

And I haven’t forgotten that I need to trawl through all of them and send a little thank you present to someone.

But yesterday’s activity got sparked off by other things.

modflowers: vintage fabric corsagesJust prior to the weekend I did my usual trawl of the local charity shops.

I picked up a couple of bits of fabric, which was nice…

modflowers: charity shop findsBut I also found a little lucky packet of brooch backs – not the simple bar type I usually use, but ones with a round disc with pin attached.

“Those would make great corsages” I thought to myself. And the thought stuck.

So yesterday morning, once lad had been ensconced back in bed (nursing exhaustion and a heavy cold) and my dream of a day’s uninterrupted making had been just about salvaged, I looked out of the window into the sunshine and saw that my forget-me-nots and primroses were a very lovely sight indeed.

Instead of taking a photo to show you (as I should have done) I got fabrics and scissors and set about making corsages.

I rather like how they turned out.

modflowers: vintage fabric corsagesmodflowers: vintage fabric and beaded corsage They are a bit of summery bling.

I can see them prettying up summer frocks or cardis, and perhaps making an appearance on my stall later this summer.

If, that is, I can source a few more of those corsage pins. ♥