helsinki heavenly

modflowers:designs by aino-maija metsola It’s funny how easy it is to ignore designers.

I’ve been a huge fan of Marimekko for years.

The bold, bright, happy colours and patterns of their fabrics, clothing and homewares were instantly my thing the moment I spotted them, years before I could ever afford to buy any.

But I hadn’t a clue who had designed them.

Back then, I didn’t even think about it.

modflowers: sonja fabric by aino-maija metsolaFast forward to today, and I’m a bit more sussed.

Nowadays, I like to know who designed the things I like, rather than just the name of the brand they are sold under.

Aino-Maija Metsola is a Helsinki-based illustrator and designer. She is probably best known for her designs for Marimekko, with whom she has collaborated since 2006.

Her wide range of work covers prints and illustrations for various surfaces including clothes, tableware, stationery, books and toys.

Obviously, I like her textile designs best.

And as you can see, there’s a lot to like…

modflowers: design by aino-maija metsolamodflowers: huhuli fabric design by aino-maija metsolamodflowers: vatruska fabric design by aino-maija metsolamodflowers: fabric design by aino-maija metsolamodflowers: jussaro design by aino-maija metsolaYou can see more of Aino-Maija’s work on her website.

Her designs and illustrations have been featured in publications and exhibitions around the world.

You can see why.

I think they’re just heavenly. ♥


boy meets girl

modflowers: boy meets girlI love a challenge, me.  Well, sometimes.

When Kate from Tall Tales from Chiconia challenged me to make a boy doll, at first I dismissed the idea.

“Don’t I have enough boys in my life already?” I thought.

I remembered that I used to joke with lad about his Lego figures being boy dollies. (Naughty mummy!)

But that challenge niggled and naggled away at me. And today, it came to fruition.

modflowers: rabbit creatures in progressI was making a few rabbit creatures, with Easter in mind.

And when I got to the personalisation stage with the first one, the slightly big hands decided it. Time to go masculine.

modflowers: boy doll rabbit creatureI didn’t think about how exactly to do it, I just… did.

Doing the face was a worry, but I think he does look like a boy…

Definitely not a girl, and definitely not a man either.

Although I’m not sure whether perhaps he should have trousers over his onesie…?

modflowers: boy doll creatureAnyway, he looks sweet next to his girl friend.

A nice boy.

modflowers: dolls boy + girl I just hope his head’s not turned when the rest of that gaggle of bunny girls arrive on the scene. ♥


mary mary, quite contrary

modflowers: Mary handmade doll

It had all been going so well.

I had been rattling along making dolls at a fine old pace. The process was relatively smooth – and enjoyable.

I had a feeling it wouldn’t last forever.

This doll was where things started to slow down.

I got distracted making my bunny girl.

But that was partly because, after getting as far as completing her crimplene mini skirt, I couldn’t work out where to go next. What does one wear with a crimplene mini skirt?

I decided upon a blouse. And that was where things slowed down a bit further. Because I had to work out what sort of blouse to make, and how to make it.

modflowers: Mary handmade doll

As you can see, I got there in the end.

Well, I will have got there, once I’ve found some little tiny silver press studs to finish it off. Having gone through my entire big button tin I found, unbelievably, that I don’t have any.

I have called her Mary. It’s the hair.

I meandered through the hair-creation process whilst listening to Mary Portas reading her rather marvellous autobiography Shop Girl on the radio last week.

And somehow, something in my brain, without any intentional desire on my part, compelled my fingers to reproduce Mary Portas’s hairdo…

modflowers: Mary handmade dollSo Mary she is.

The other bit of contrariness occurred after being driven nearly to distraction trying to make Mary a suitably stylish blouse.

It seems that struggling with the intricacies of micro-blouse construction had been unnecessary after all.

modflowers: Shop Girl coverThe evidence was there on the cover of Shop Girl.

I should’ve just made her a flowery frock instead. ♥