the thing with rings

modflowers: vintage fabric button ringsThe thing with button-making is that once you start, it gets kind of addictive.

Its hard to stop when you have the satisfaction of a whole trayful of little colourful goodies to look forward to gazing upon at the end of your labours.

I was enjoying it so much that I decided to make some button rings, which I haven’t done for ages.

With stocking-fillers in mind, hopefully they will be popular on my stalls.

modflowers: vintage fabric button ringsThe thing I haven’t yet got sorted out in my mind is how to display and package them.

Last time, I just put them out loose on a tray lined with vintage fabric, popping them into paper bags when purchased.

But it all got very untidy very quickly. I had to keep dashing out front in quiet moments to flip them over, as they were constantly left upside down.

Nobody could see their pretty colours! I can’t be having that!

modflowers: vintage fabric button ringsSo. I think I need to come up with a simple yet ingenious display / packaging solution.

Now I could buy fancy ring boxes. But I don’t really want to do that.

I will be exercising my brain on this problem over the next few days.

Any bright ideas you may have about things for rings will be most welcome. ♥


all things brighton beautiful

modflowers: Brighton vintageTime really does fly, doesn’t it?

On November 19th my partner and I will have been together for twenty-five years.

That’s more than half our lives.

We are not married. We have never felt the need.

November 19th is the anniversary of the night we got together. The anniversary of our first kiss.

We are marking the occasion with a lad-free weekend away (lad will be off to a friend’s for an extended sleepover).

And we are off to Brighton!

modflowers: brighton pierMy partner knows Brighton quite well. He attends a conference there every year.

Which is handy…. up to a point.

My partner is a vegan foodie (yes, such a thing does exist.) I know that we will eat spectacularly well.

But unfortunately, he does not make it his business to know where the best vintage haunts are to be found. (Well, nobody’s perfect.)

I have already been researching on t’interweb. But I could use some help from those of you out there who know…

modflowers: Brighton beautifulSo tell me, where are the best places to buy lovely vintage fabrics in Brighton?

Is the Sunday car boot worth visiting?

And which of the myriad vintage clothes stores should I focus my attention upon for some nice frocks?

I know shall have to be selective in my obsession-indulgence if not to bore partner to tears (which would not be an ideal recipe for a weekend of togetherness.)

Leave me a comment if you have any great suggestions for things Brighton beautiful.

My partner need never know. ♥


rhapsody in clay

modflowers: Marta Turowska ceramicsJust a quick post, as I’m off out in a bit for a rare bit of socialising.

I’m writing this with a glass of wine in hand (well, on the table beside me) just to get me in the mood.

But I wanted to show you these gorgeous ceramics I spotted by Marta Turowska.

I love her imagination!

modflowers: Marta Turowska ceramics modflowers: Marta Turowska ceramicsmodflowers: ceramics by Marta TurowskaYou can see more of – and buy – her lovely stuff in her Etsy shop, Clay Opera.

Off out now – bye! ♥