…and we’re off

modflowers: vintage barkcloth fabricAs you may have noticed, I have lost my blogging mojo a bit recently.

My blog posts have been less frequent, and I have had less to say and less to share. To be honest, I’ve lost my mojo a bit generally  - which is partly responsible for the blogging hiatus. I don’t have much to say when I’m not feeling happy.

I have been attempting to keep my patience and temper with lad. I feel lucky that up to now, school holidays have always been a joy.

modflowers: vintage fabric chair pad commissionBut rather like that Harry Enfield sketch, the cheery boy I used to love spending time with has morphed, whilst my back was turned, into a slothful lump wanting to do nothing more than lie on the sofa in pyjamas and sigh deeply whenever requested to do anything else.

Eventually I had to give up suggesting things we could do and leave him to it. It was making me too cross, putting my projects on hold to spend time with a slouching, thankless, joyless companion.

Instead I made this set of chair seat pads for a commission…

modflowers: vintage fabric chair padsI really love the barkcloth (pictured at the top of the post and supplied by my customer) from which two cushions are made. It makes me think of running away to the woods…

Instead, we have booked a last-minute break to Crete for the final fortnight of the holidays. We are off today.

We’ll be technology-free for much of the time. And I’m hoping that the family’s joie de vivre can be rekindled in the Greek sunshine, away from screens and sewing machines.

There’s nothing under the sun I would love more. ♥



all patched up

doll patch - 3 560I thought I’d make another puppy doll, this time with a patch over the eye.

Unfortunately, a millimetre too thin, and the legs turned into a bit of an ordeal to turn right side out.

doll patch - 6 560A case of “death by chopstick” ensued – a long session of poke, tweak, tug, repeat.

It ended with another sort of patch, after I lost patience a bit – and rammed the end of the chopstick through the seam.


modflowers: patch dollBut thankfully, Patch is all patched up now. ♥


current crush

modflowers: marimekko autumn 2015I got an email from Marimekko yesterday.

One of those promotional things that I must, at some point, have signed up to receive, but which normally I just ignore.

But this time, I didn’t.

Because I fell in love, right there and then, with the clothes in the pictures in the email…

modflowers: marimekko autumn 2015I have had an on-off, love-hate affair with Marimekko for years.

Love the designs, hate the prices. Love the patterns, hate the lack of availability in this country.

These clothes have just brought that affair back into passionate focus…

modflowers: marimekko autumn 2015modflowers: marimekko autumn 2015Simple designs, eye-catching patterns, stylish and suitable for all ages – why can’t more clothing designers achieve this?

Still expensive and difficult to obtain in the UK though.

Now if they could crack those issues too, I’d be over the flippin’ moon. ♥