magic mushrooms

modflowers: magic mushroomsIncredibly, I am having to start to think about that festive time of year already.

It seems incredible to me, firstly because it is barely five minutes since we returned from sunning ourselves on the beaches of Crete, and secondly, because I am a firm believer in not doing Christmas until Christmas.

I am insistent that we don’t decorate the tree until Christmas Eve. I am that person who runs around buying last minute presents just before the shops shut for the holiday.

My partner is even worse. He has been known to scour the streets seeking the one corner shop open on Christmas morning, to buy some crucial-but-missing Christmas dinner ingredient.

modflowers: magic mushroom So let’s say it is not in my nature to be thinking festively at this time of year.

However, after a trip into town for a new sewing machine bulb and an afternoon sewing other things, I remembered yesterday that back in the mists of time I had signed up for a couple of festive fairs.

And not having much stock in reserve, I had not the first idea what I was going to sell at them.

I turned to my “ideas jotted down for when I forget them” notebook. And one of my ideas scrawls came up trumps - magic mushroom Christmas decorations!

So I had a quick go at transforming them from idea into reality, and this is how they turned out…

modflowers: magic mushroomsmodflowers: magic mushiesmodflowers: magic mushroom Shroomy!

I think I’m going to get the beads and sequins out and get a bit glittery with a few more, nearer the date.

After all, I don’t mind getting festive when the time comes.

And I may as well make my magic mushrooms marvellous. ♥


slackness personified

modflowers: vintage flowershop fabricWhen I used to work in an office I was always a really hard worker.

Unlike some people, for whom the term “slackness personified” got coined, I didn’t slope off to lunch early and return late. I never hung around the coffee machine prolonging break time, or phone in sick when I wasn’t really.

I worked hard, I got things done, and when there was too much to get done in the span of a normal day, I stayed late when absolutely necessary.

And when I was done, I went home and relaxed.

modflowers: vintage fabric from Honeysuckle at Home, SheffieldWorking for myself, however, life doesn’t seem to be like that.

To start with, there is the difficulty of distinguishing when exactly work time begins and ends.

I usually make my work day fit in around my family’s timetable as life is just easier that way, but getting started in the morning without the prospect of a boss scowling at me if I have just one more cup of tea first can sometimes be a bit of a struggle.

And when I get chance in the evening, I tend not to know when to stop.

If lad’s in bed and partner’s out, I sometimes don’t stop until bedtime.

modflowers: vintage fabricBut by far the trickiest thing, for me, is definitely sickness.

When I worked in an office, it was easy. If I was too poorly to get myself out of bed, togged up and into the office of a morning, it was time to phone in sick.

But when you don’t have to do any of those things, how do you decide when you are not fit for work?

Especially when the illness isn’t of the can’t get out of bed, throwing-up-constantly, or shivering-with-fever type. It’s more of a generally wiped-out, totally exhausted, menopausally-challenged kind of ailment.

modflowers: Dekoplus fabricNormally I try to just keep going. It’s a guilt thing, I suppose. I hate the thought of turning into a daytime-telly-watching slacker.

But this week I have succumbed. The aches in my bones and the fog in my brain got the better of me. I wasn’t feeling miserable, just not right.

I don’t usually feel like this until winter properly sets in – and it’s been beautifully sunny and warm this week, so there’s no ready excuse there.

modflowers: fabric cabinetIt’s not just my making mojo going walkabout. I haven’t even cooked dinner or caught up with housework or gardening.

I feel like I have been slackness personified. (Although I still didn’t watch any daytime telly.)

Thankfully, the dreadful achey fogginess seems to be lifting and yesterday, life started to feel much more do-able.

Now I just need my work ethic to return. Perhaps I need a stand-in boss to scowl at me of a morning.

If anyone wants to volunteer – or has any helpful suggestions as to how they motivate themselves to just get on with it when working from home - please do let me know. ♥


picture perfect: david klein

modflowers: david kleinI love stumbling across a new, old thing.

As you may realise if you have read my blog for any length of time, discovering the work of illustrators and artists is a great passion of mine.

It’s one of my favourite things about the internet generally, and Pinterest in particular – they make it so easy.

There is no requirement to know what you are looking for in advance. You can just meander, one thing leading to another, until something catches your eye and stops you in your tracks.

modflowers: David KleinThe other day I stumbled across an image by David Klein. The image of the butterflies at the top of this post, to be precise.

I didn’t know anything about the artist, but I did a bit of cyber-rummaging, which eventually led me to more of his work.

Which, as you can see, is just stunning

modflowers: David KleinDavid Klein was an American artist and illustrator, who was born in 1918 and died in 2005.

In 1947 he worked as an art director at Clifford Strohl Associates, a theatrical advertising agency. David became the illustrator of choice for many Broadway shows of the period…

modflowers: David Kleinmodflowers: David KleinHe is perhaps best known for his iconic travel illustrations for posters of the 1950s and 1960s for TWA.

His posters defined the jet-set style of the period…

modflowers: David Kleinmodflowers: David Kleinmodflowers: David KleinAs well as being prolific, his work, whilst retaining it’s mid-century fabulousness throughout, was amazingly varied.

He also turned his talents to children’s illustrations…

modflowers: david kleinmodflowers: David Klein You can see many more of David Klein’s illustrations via

I think he’s a discovery well worth making. ♥