sparkling inside

modflowers: sparkling glitterI’m feeling very Christmassy this weekend.

My shopping is done. In my head, I am now on holiday.

It’s ironic that I feel so Christmassy really, as I am actually not going to see much traditional Christmas at all.

We aren’t even putting any decorations up this year.

modflowers: sparkling lights by Cox & CoxChristmas in Australia will be spent mainly at the beach. Snow will not be likely.

We will have a few presents, but we will not eat a roast dinner, or watch any telly.

We will not be going to the pub, nor eating mince pies, nor doing most of the other things that Christmas at home normally entails.

modflowers: sparkling lights by Georgianna LaneOne tradition that we will be keeping before we go away is our annual look at the Christmas lights.  We have done it ever since lad was small.

I don’t mean the lights in town. No, our quest is for lighting displays of a more homespun variety.

We wait for darkness to fall, then we get in the car and we drive around spotting the most outrageous and over the top Christmas lights outside people’s houses.

It is our own little tradition and it makes us all feel happy and sparkly.

modflowers: sparkling lightsSome people hate the whole Christmas thing and would love to run away to the beach to avoid it. But that’s not me.

I love a traditional Christmas, but I also don’t mind missing the rest of the traditional stuff in the slightest.

Because this Christmas I will be with all of the people I love most in this world.

modflowers: sparkling christmas tree by Georgianna LaneJust the thought of that lights me up and makes me sparkle inside. ♥



fantastical & magical

modflowers: recent work by Sophie WoodrowI always think that the solstices are the most magical times of year.

Midsummer, with its endless lingering twilight, is the time of the faeries.

Midwinter however, with it’s sparkling frosts, is host to something altogether darker…

modflowers: recent work by Sophie Woodrowmodflowers: recent work by Sophie WoodrowThese fantastical and magical creatures are the work of ceramic artist Sophie Woodrow.

They make me think of the approaching winter solstice.

I can see these creations in my mind, rimed with frost, sparkling in the moonlit darkness…

Think The Wolves of Willoughby Chase or The Midnight Folk.

modflowers: recent work by Sophie WoodrowAlthough I don’t love winter, the beauty of this brittle season is something I can appreciate.

For me, the bewitching strangeness of these works seem to compliment it’s magic perfectly. ♥


return of the evil appliances

modflowers: personalised applique cushionI haven’t made an appliqué cushion since last year.

To be honest, the trouble I had getting the last ones I did right sort of put me off them a bit. Too much hassle.

But I had a special request. So yesterday’s task was to get one done. A task which I failed, quite spectacularly, to accomplish.

First, my printer didn’t want to play ball. It does this frequently. Almost always when I have a deadline.

Eventually it printed my lettering as requested.

But then another appliance struck…

modflowers: personalised applique cushionSuccessful appliqué depends upon the goodwill of the iron. Without an iron, you are, when it comes to appliqué, scuppered.

At first, like a numpty, I thought there was something wrong with my bondaweb.

I’d got almost all the way through applying it to my fabrics, apart from that little green and yellow flower. I ironed it, and it didn’t stick. I ironed again – still no joy. I pondered. The rest had worked ok, so why not that bit?

I was almost on my way to cut another bit of bondaweb, when the penny dropped.

Yup. The fuse, or some other important component necessary to make the evil iron heat up, had blown.

Naughty words were said.

emily cushion commissionOnly after I had huffed about for most of the rest of the afternoon did I remember…

Hiding at the back of the cupboard, we have a spare iron.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Appliances. Evil, the lot of ‘em. ♥