BrontosaurusI was going to write a proper blog post for today, honest.

But I stuffed, embroidered and painted six more little floaty flirty girls yesterday.

And then I made an embellished calico bag. And stitched a few little dangly birdies. And then I did housework. And went to the post office.

And then I assisted lad with his fundraising efforts by helping, supervising and then washing up after his cake-baking exploits (he is having a stall over the weekend at a friend’s birthday shindig, to raise funds for his World Challenge trip.)

Phew. So instead of blogging properly, with photos and suchlike, I offer you a song about a brontosaurus.

My dad used to play me this when I was little. And I love it.

Happy Friday everyone. ♥


floaty flirty girls

modflowers: modflowers: floaty flirty girlsI seem to be on a bit of a spree of making dangly things.

I suppose it’s the time of year. Before long, we’ll all be thinking about putting up the tree and hanging pretty things from the boughs.

Talking of pretty things, I have been wanting to do something with the beautiful bagful of Sarah Campbell’s new Sea Holly range of fabrics ever since she gave them to me, when I saw her at the Liberty in Fashion exhibition.

modflowers: Sea Holly lilac fabrics by Sarah Campbell for Michael MillerThe lilac range is in such beautiful cool colours, which seem to me to suggest winter, despite their floral prettiness.

Sarah asked for some flirty girls. So I got cracking with her fabrics to turn her idea into reality.

To make them floaty as well as flirty, a bit of tulle seemed to fit the bill.

modflowers: floaty flirty girlsI like the way the little skirts echo the crinoline ladies you find on old fashioned embroidered tablecloths.

Although they are much too informal to be proper crinoline ladies.

And a bit too flirty to be angelic, too.

modflowers: floaty flirty girlsBut what they are is properly floaty…

modflowers: floaty flirty girlsJust hang ’em up and watch ’em twirl. ♥



modflowers: tripletsI made another little girl to add to the twins.

And so two became three, and twins became triplets.

And, for another order, a mama…modflowers: mama dollmodflowers: mama dollmodflowers: triplets with mamaIt is doll-making central here again this week.

Something slightly smaller is being experimented with too…

I might take a picture of that tomorrow. ♥