pining for pincushions

modflowers: pincushion by Deborah Fisher

Sewing requires equipment. The basics, like scissors, needles and thread and a sewing machine, are essential. There is also, of course, the ever-present temptation to spend every last penny on fabric. But then there are all the other bits of kit that, whilst … Continue reading

not house hunting

modflowers: not house hunting

You know how it is… You avoid the charity shops, telling yourself that you have no need of anything they have to offer. You pass by with barely a glance at the window displays, reminding yourself that you really should have a … Continue reading

tipping point

Well, I had a lovely birthday, as it turned out. It seemed to stretch over about ten days in all, what with the trip to Copenhagen, followed by a few days in Cornwall. Oh, and there was a mini-celebration when I got home … Continue reading

miniature mania

So I wasn’t supposed to be charity shopping. I’d allowed myself a treat at the weekend, stocking up on a few bits from Spinster’s Emporium’s craft jumble sale. But when I saw that the “vintage and retro” department upstairs in the local charity shop … Continue reading

teeny tiny toys

Wooden toys are the best (after fabric ones) aren’t they? I wish I could carve wood. I like wood. It is probably my favourite material, after fabric of course. Warmer than metal, less fragile than clay, I have a lot of wood … Continue reading

thrift of the week

My favourite charity shop is a place of extremes and opposites. It is a large shop, but never busy. It has a lot of stock, but much of it is not worth having. It is staffed by people whom, if you … Continue reading