if you go down to the shop today…

modflowers: if you go down to the shop today - bruin bears

…You’re sure of a big surprise! Well, maybe a little surprise. But then, it is only a little shop. Although a very nice one. Although I suppose if you’re reading this I’ve just ruined any element of surprise. But hey, … Continue reading


I’ve never liked taxidermy. Being a vegetarian for many years, I never felt that I would want to decorate my house with dead animals, any more than I would want to boil them up for dinner. But I have to admit, I … Continue reading

better than football

Regular readers of this blog may have noticed that at the moment I have a bit of a thing for a) quirky creatures, and b) embroidery. I love finding new examples of these twin obsessions – and, well, obsessing over … Continue reading

not at all smelly

Katie Shelton lives in the Midwest of America and makes funny little creatures. I don’t know why she calls her shop and blog Skunkboy, being neither a boy, nor (I sincerely hope) smelly, but she does. Her creatures struck a chord with … Continue reading