if you go down to the shop today…

modflowers: if you go down to the shop today - bruin bears…You’re sure of a big surprise! Well, maybe a little surprise. But then, it is only a little shop. Although a very nice one.

Although I suppose if you’re reading this I’ve just ruined any element of surprise. But hey, go anyway.

The four brand new bears in these pictures are awaiting new owners down at the Handmade Nottingham shop, along with a few more of my small creations.

After having got my sew-jo back it’s been lovely to create something new.

modflowers: if you go down to the shop today - bruin bearsThere’s hippy chick bruin bear, with her love beads, headband and furry waistcoat, and her consort with his embroidered bolero, scarf and bobble hat.

Then there’s party frock bruin girl – her frock is made out of a bit of sleeve from a real, genuine 1970s party frock.

I cut off the top (it was sized for someone much tinier than I) and recycled the bottom half into this skirt:

modflowers: skirt made from vintage frockLast, but by no means least, there’s jumper-wearing bruin; a bear who is not quite sure that pink is his colour but is too polite to say so.

modflowers: if you go down to the shop today - bruin bearsWell, the aforementioned jumper is made from cashmere (rescued from my cardi that the dratted moths lurking in our house had feasted upon.)

modflowers: if you go down to the shop today - bruin bearsI’ve got a few other projects to finish off and then I’m intending to get creating anew in earnest, and to stop slacking so inexcusably.

I may even get around to restocking my Etsy shop, which I’ve been promising to do since Christmas, but which, as usual, has been sadly neglected due to my lackadaisical ways of late (cue tumbleweed rolling across the Etsy shop floor.)

It’s time to make enough bears (and other creatures) for a picnic…

Or maybe even a shop. ♥



modflowers: disembodied head I’ve never liked taxidermy.

Being a vegetarian for many years, I never felt that I would want to decorate my house with dead animals, any more than I would want to boil them up for dinner.

But I have to admit, I do find textile “fauxidermy” a bit of a guilty pleasure.

There are lots of examples of it all over t’internet – both clever, realistic versions and quirky, cartoonish ones. I kind of like them both.

The other day I was trying to work out a pattern for the making of a new creature, which involved making a mock-up in calico. I got so engrossed in making the pattern for the head, that I kind of forgot to sew it to a body.

Which left me with a half-finished, disembodied calico head knocking about on my sewing table.

Waste not, want not, I thought…

modflowers: disembodied head

I’m quite fond of what resulted.

And rather pleased with how the plaque it rests on turned out. (I worked out how to do that all by myself.)

So, if anyone fancies a disembodied creature head to decorate their wall, you know where to come.

Completely cruelty-free, of course.

More cutesidermy than taxidermy. ♥



better than football

modflowers: kimika hara - rainy dayRegular readers of this blog may have noticed that at the moment I have a bit of a thing for a) quirky creatures, and b) embroidery.

I love finding new examples of these twin obsessions – and, well, obsessing over them. But sometimes I feel slightly lonely in my preoccupations.

I say this not because I am alone, but because living in a home with only two football-crazy males for company means that I don’t get the most enthusiastic response from my nearest and dearest to photographs of cute handmade creatures and examples of pretty stitches.

So whilst the World Cup continues unabated, I sit on the sofa ignoring the football and seeking out online the things that make me happy.

And oh my goodness! I think I have stumbled upon the ultimate proponent of both of my current obsessions…

modflowers: Kimika hara creatureKimika Hara is Japanese. A textile artist… stitcher… illustrator… spinner of dreams and creator of fantasies.

She “makes the embroidery of free stitch of colour colourful” (her website is in Japanese – thank you so much for that description, google translate!)

I am in awe of her talent and wish that I had but half of it.

modflowers: kimika hara - dogmodflowers: kimika hara embroiderymodflowers: kimika hara - pandamodflowers: kimika hara - mushroomsmodflowers: kimika hara - she was a girlmodflowers: kimika haraYou can see more of Kimika Hara’s work on her blog, Facebook page, or Flickr.

So much prettier than football. ♥