the thrill of the make

modflowers: Liberty dolls

People often talk about the thrill of the chase. But for me, it’s all about the thrill of the make. When it all comes together, making is the best thing in the world. I’ve just completed the latest batch of Liberty dolls, … Continue reading

handmade dolls deadline day

modflowers: Liberty girls finished!

Making dolls is a pleasure. Normally I meander through the process a bit. It’s just how I tend to work… I sort of multitask consecutively, if that makes any sense. I sit down and do a bit of sewing, a bit … Continue reading

new girls

The new girls, that is. These four are the first of a new batch of vintage Liberty fabric dolls, made using some of the wonderful stash I was sent by Sarah Campbell the other day… My vintage button and trim stashes have … Continue reading

gratitude & apologies

I realised yesterday that sometimes I am not very good at gratitude. I think I take after my Dad, in that I can get just a bit too focused on one thing… which means that as a result, other things pass … Continue reading