turned out nice – eventually

modflowers: twirly girly corsagesIt is a good feeling indeed to finish off jobs that need finishing off.

I have never been a particularly good finisher-off-er. I’m the sort that gets all enthused by a project and gets stuck in, only to then get all enthused by another project, and then another, until the available enthusiasm gets spread a bit thin across them all and… well, you can guess the rest.

As a grown-up I’ve learned to organise myself a bit to curb this tendency. But sometimes, just sometimes, projects fall off the list altogether for a while and I end up not doing what I should have done. For which I feel awful, because it can mean that I have let someone down.

These little ladies started out as twirly fairies. But unfortunately, due to being rushed off my feet before Christmas, and events with the dog, they missed their opportunity for festive twirling.

So once I got back on track (and stopped being “stuck“) they got their skirts shortened a little. And now, they have become something else entirely – pretty petite pins, to grace a garment, adorn your lapel, or even decorate your Easter bonnet.

They are available to buy from Sarah Campbell’s shop.

Thankfully, that “stuck” feeling has dissipated with the move towards springtime.

The flowers are pushing up through the still-cold earth and unfurling leaves and petals – and so, it seems, am I.

I think perhaps it is natural to have a dormant, fallow period before spring bursts forth, after all the rushing about up to Christmas.

I can’t say I like it much though – and I, for one, am pretty glad it’s over. ♥dots

prims & patterns

modflowers: prims!I seemed to spend much of yesterday in something of a fug.

I can’t remember most of them, but I know I had some really intense dreams the previous night. The last of which woke me up well before 5 am.

The only thing I remember about that dream is that in it, I was picking broken shards of glass out of the palm of my hand just before I woke up. Ugh.

Anyway, I felt fit for naught for most of the day. I was pretty inactive, except for taking a brief trip up the road to the local shops for bread to go with some lentil soup I made.

Despite the bitter cold, I was grateful for the fresh air and the almost-spring-like feeling of the sunshine.

prims3So I bought some spring primulas to adorn my Hornsea plant pots.

They’re a variety called “gold lace”.

I thought they were auriculas at first, but they’re not.

primsAlso, fresh from my triumph of the previous day I called in at one of the other charity shops, where I found this pattern:

pattern1My niece is very fond of pandas.

But I like the look of that elephant…

pattern2Maybe once I’ve got some of my current projects done and dusted. ♥

prim and proper

prims 2

Yesterday was the first real day of spring in our garden.

That is, the first day warm and sunny enough to tempt me out of the house to actually see what’s happening out there.

It was a pleasant surprise.

Far from everything being dead, as expected, there are some lovely things growing!

The forget-me-nots are just opening, peeping out from under the hedge and between blades of uncut grass at the edge of the lawn.forget me notsforget-me-notsThe oriental poppies have produced an encouraging show of greenery:oriental poppy leavesBut the stars of this spring’s show are the primroses…
primrosesprims 3primrosesI remember as a child watching Geoffrey Smith on telly.

Forever with a pair of pruning shears in hand, he seemed always hell bent on “cutting back hard”, hacking shrubs to shreds and dishing out his particular brand of tough love to plants.

I think this must’ve penetrated my subconscious and scarred me, for I am not a ruthless gardener.

I should have taken a tough approach with my prims at the end of last spring, dividing them up so they were more evenly spread across the border, giving them room to grow. But a combination of holidays away, laziness and a feeling of pointlessness at the very thought of gardening following such a poor summer weather-wise, meant that I didn’t bother.

As it turns out, my prims knew what to do and have turned out proper without any help from me.prims in potprimroses