nice legs!

modflowers: nice legsWe got one of our living room sofas, as many people do, from Ikea.

We were so skinflinty that actually, we got it from Ikea’s bargain corner. It was cheap, if a bit grubby. It didn’t have nice legs and it didn’t have a cover.

Needless to say, the cover I bought online ended up costing more than the sofa. But hey, I wasn’t confident I could sew one, so it was a price worth paying.

modflowers: nice legsAnyway, after we bought it I came across Pretty Pegs. They let you customise your Ikea sofa (or chair, or table) by replacing it’s original chunky legs with nice shapely ones instead.

A great idea, but they were a bit expensive, so I didn’t buy any.

However, the other day I stumbled upon something that takes the sofa leg customisation thing to a whole new level…

modflowers: nice legsI love the way these have been painted!

You can buy these particular special edition clown-painted legs here – and all profits from sales of these go to the Clowns Without Borders emergency fund.

I’m sure that any talented painters amongst us could do something similar themselves.

modflowers: nice legsSeeing these has inspired me to want to create some new characters.

It’s just a pity you can’t sew sofa legs out of fabric. ♥


pretty thing of the week: art tiles

modflowers: art tilesJust a quickie I’m afraid, as life is filling my days with somewhat frantic sewing at the moment.

I am already at least a week behind where I’d hoped to be when I planned out my time a few weeks ago. I still have orders to fulfil, stuff to finish, stalls to stock.

So blogging is having to take a bit of a back seat, time-wise.

But I came across these lovely tiles online and well, they just have to be shared…

modflowers: art tilesI came across the picture above on (where else?) Pinterest.

It’s exactly the sort of thing I wanted in our downstairs loo, around the tiny little cloakroom sink in the corner. Because it’s such a small area to tile, I thought I could push the boat out and have something nice.

However, the man doing the tiling needed the tiles yesterday (as they always seem to do) and so we ended up with slightly wonky cut down bathroom tiles on the wall instead, because they were there. Sigh.

It left me with an unfulfilled longing for nice wall tiles like these…

modflowers: art tilesIt’s too late for me (I really can’t be doing with the hassle of removing and retiling now.)

But if you are similarly smitten, you can find more details of these lovely Danish art tiles here. ♥


come over to at(mine)

modflowers: books arranged by colourI probably shouldn’t, but I do love it when I find a new thing to waste time with online.

I remember when I first discovered Pinterest. I was in the final few weeks of a very dull job where I was supposed to be managing a team packing up files ready for an office closure.

The files were already packed and the team didn’t need any management, so I sat at my desk trying to look busy. Pinterest was my saviour and I became evangelical about it.

Roll on nearly a decade and I have just discovered a new and equally enjoyable online time-waster, at(mine).com

modflowers: at(mine)To be honest, at(mine) probably would not exist without Pinterest. It has quite clearly taken much from it in terms of ideas, styling and ease of use.

But whilst I have wearied of Pinterest’s colonisation by “brands”, tedious bolted-on “monetisation” and ruthlessly promoted “picked for you” pins, at(mine) is still too new a baby to be similarly corrupted (yet).

Actually, it is still in “private beta” (i.e. not-quite-finished) phase, and you can join by invitation only – just like when Pinterest started.

at(mine) is a simple idea: an online community for home and design fans. You can upload and share photos of your home under categories generally arranged by room, and follow, like and comment on other people’s pictures. Oh, and you can also tag products and link to shops’ websites, should you so wish.

modflowers: lampshade closeupat(mine)’s styling is wonderfully simple and clean and it’s ease of use puts social media giants like Facebook to utter shame. And no, I’m not being paid to promote it – I just really like it!

Best of all, there are lots of beautiful photographs of inspiring interiors to ogle.

For anyone obsessed with interiors it is heaven on stilts.

modflowers: floral wardrobeI’ve uploaded a few pictures of my own humble abode, some of which I’ve shared here. You can find me on at(mine) here and explore a wider range of other users photographs here.

If anyone would like to join, message me with your email address via my contact page – I have five invitations to offer, although I’m not sure exactly what the criteria are for acceptance.

Go on – come on over to at(mine)! ♥