nice legs!

We got one of our living room sofas, as many people do, from Ikea. We were so skinflinty that actually, we got it from Ikea’s bargain corner. It was cheap, if a bit grubby. It didn’t have nice legs and it … Continue reading

pretty thing of the week: art tiles

Just a quickie I’m afraid, as life is filling my days with somewhat frantic sewing at the moment. I am already at least a week behind where I’d hoped to be when I planned out my time a few weeks … Continue reading

come over to at(mine)

I probably shouldn’t, but I do love it when I find a new thing to waste time with online. I remember when I first discovered Pinterest. I was in the final few weeks of a very dull job where I was … Continue reading

riding high

I have written about the wonderful designs of Sheila Bownas before. But that wasn’t the whole story. A new instalment has just emerged. A new collection of designs from the archives of Sheila’s wonderful designs has just been brought to … Continue reading

top of the charts

Some years ago, when we had not been in our current home very long, we used to visit the local auctions at the Cattle Market. For anyone who doesn’t know Nottingham, the Cattle Market auctions can be an absolute treasure trove of (cheap) wonders. … Continue reading

stick ’em up!

Oh my! I am doing rather well this week. I received another unexpected parcel yesterday. From an online friend who spotted something in a charity shop, and thought of me. The parcel contained a selection of these… As you can see from … Continue reading