christmas in a cupboard

Sherwood Craft and Food Fair 2015I’m sorry to say that this post is not as I planned it to be.

I was going to show you the display for my stall on Saturday. I set it all up, took some pictures, and then packed it all away, ready to take down to the fair venue tonight.

What I stupidly didn’t do was check what the pictures were like before I packed everything up.

BIG mistake! They are terrible.

My camera is playing up. Not only is it refusing to store more than half a dozen photos at a time (despite my generously lavishing a new memory card on it) it is apparently now refusing to focus as well, although it continued to bleep to fool me into thinking all was tickety-boo, the evil machine.

All the pictures I took are hideously dark, very grainy, and blurred beyond belief (or use.)

modflowers: christmas in a cupboardAll the stuff is now in boxes and I have too much to do already to get it all out again, photograph it a second time and then put it all away again. So I’m not going to.

But the title of this post was too good to waste, don’t you think? You may remember the cupboard in question – I bought it at the Newark Antiques Fair in the summer…

modflowers: 1950's cupboardIt now contains a miniature winter wonderland. Or at least, it will do on Saturday.

Hey, maybe I’ll get some better pictures at the fair.

Or – you could come down and witness my “Christmas in a Cupboard” in person, if you live close enough to Sherwood.

Hope to see you there! ♥


vintage bazaar

modflowers: vintage bazaarI’m really not a photographer.

I own a very basic and somewhat temperamental point-and-shoot camera.

Oh, and I know my way around a few free photo-editing apps.

But that’s about it.

So I was very flattered to be asked to help provide some images to publicise my friend Maria’s event – the first Sunshine Vintage Bazaar.

modflowers: Sunshine Vintage BazaarBack from my lovely and refreshing break in Cornwall, I got to work on it yesterday.

I was going to bring my chaise downstairs to photograph in my usual spot in front of the bay window. But alas, with no men in the house and the two boys I had at my disposal not quite up to the job, I couldn’t carry it downstairs.

So instead, I parked it in front of my wardrobe and got to work with Maria’s selection of vintage props – plus a few of my own.

modflowers: vintage bazaarmodflowers: vintage bazaar portrait I did enjoy playing around, I must say.

And, appropriately enough, the sun shone!

The first Sunshine Vintage Bazaar will kick off on 9th May at The Bodega in Nottingham.

Alas, much as I’d like to, I won’t be able to attend.

I do have a good excuse. It is my man’s birthday on that date.

Tempting though it is to me, I doubt whether he can be persuaded that his heart’s desire is to celebrate his big five-o with a spot of vintage rummaging. ♥



modflowers: vintage floral hairOk, I apologise.

It got late, I’d been busy (cleaning, and sewing cats, and social media-ing) and then I went to the pub, and I didn’t exactly prioritise blogging.

So today’s post is a lazy post.

Other people’s photos. Someone else’s vision.


vogue summer pleasuresThey’re quite pretty photos though.

They’re from Ryann Casey’s Vintage Floral Hair Pinterest board.

floral hairI thought, in the absence of anything original on my part, that they’d be a nice thing to look at over Saturday breakfast.

modflowers; liz taylorridiculous floral hatI’ll do better next week.

Promise. ♥