christmas in a cupboard

I’m sorry to say that this post is not as I planned it to be. I was going to show you the display for my stall on Saturday. I set it all up, took some pictures, and then packed it all away, … Continue reading

vintage bazaar

I’m really not a photographer. I own a very basic and somewhat temperamental point-and-shoot camera. Oh, and I know my way around a few free photo-editing apps. But that’s about it. So I was very flattered to be asked to help … Continue reading


Ok, I apologise. It got late, I’d been busy (cleaning, and sewing cats, and social media-ing) and then I went to the pub, and I didn’t exactly prioritise blogging. So today’s post is a lazy post. Other people’s photos. Someone else’s … Continue reading

tennis elbow grease

It seems that tennis can be conducive to work. I’ve been putting off taking photographs all week. Well, the weather has been nice, and I’ve either been wanting to be outdoors, or else busy in other ways. But the tennis … Continue reading

in search of a selfie

I had to do something horrible today. Something that filled me with dread and self-doubt. I procrastinated as long as possible, but eventually had to just get on with it. I’m doing a thing that requires me to submit a photograph … Continue reading

wirksworth weekend

It was Wirksworth Festival Art and Architecture Trail this weekend. It’s a fantastic annual event in which the wonderfully picturesque town of Wirksworth in Derbyshire becomes one huge art gallery. There’s art in houses and homes, art in shops, art … Continue reading